The “new normal” takes some getting used to.

You’ve been dreaming of your future career since your first frosh. Or, maybe, you just kicked yours off by taking part in Humber’s 2020 virtual grad ceremony. Either way, right now, everything feels uncertain.

IGNITE wants to calm your fears. What’s Next?, our video series, has your Student Engagement Coordinators (SECs) interview experts on how COVID-19 will affect your life at school and beyond.

Two women sit across from one another at a small round table, talking.

Previously, your North and Lakeshore campus SECs Camila and Erika chatted with Ken Steele and Ian Crookshank about the future of post-secondary education and Humber’s plans for the fall.

This time around, your UofGH SEC, Julia, is talking with Susan Thomas: head of Career & Placement Services at UofGH. They’re tackling all things employment: career placements, job-hunting tips, and post-grad advice.

So—grab a snack, a fresh copy of your resumé, and learn how to thrive in your field:

Entering the workforce can be daunting, especially right now. But, your Humber and Guelph-Humber community has your back—no matter what.

A woman wearing a white T-shirt mouths the words, "I got you," while pointing at herself and the camera, respectively.

Updates on school policies can be found on the Humber and UofGH websites. If you have a specific question about campus life in the upcoming semester, contact your IGNITE Board of Directors or your Humber or UofGH program coordinators.

Thomas said it best: “Take advantage where you can because that’s why we’re here. And, we’re ready to help when students are ready.”

Didn’t snag the online internship? Here’s how to handle rejection.

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