“‘Cause a little bit of Summer is what the whole year is all about.”

John Mayer

It’s hard to believe summer is already right around the corner.

Time seems to have flown by, but it’s exciting to think about the warm weather, the extra hours of sunshine and, of course, all of our favourite summer traditions.

Unfortunately, this year, summer will have to be different once again from what we would prefer due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. However, this doesn’t need to stop us from experiencing all our favourite summer activities; they’ll just need to be done a little differently.

Doing things differently can make for extra fun experiences and memories. So, with that in mind, let’s get right to it so you can start looking forward to how your new COVID-safe summer traditions!

Turn your travel plans into staycations

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While the pandemic has definitely stunted our travel plans for summer 2021, there are still so many ways to enjoy our summer vacation from home with staycations.

If you were looking forward to an all-inclusive resort vibe this summer, try making fruity cocktails and adding decorative umbrellas in them, lay in the sun and get an inflatable pool to dip your toes into.

If you’re a Disney fan who was looking forward to visiting one of their parks this summer, recreate their magic in your own home by putting on your mouse ears, binging a bunch of your favourite Disney movies, checking out the virtual recording of all the Disney Rides, attempting to make Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles and picking up some Disney-themed ice cream treats from the grocery store. Of course, just like any day at a Disney park, finish your night off by watching the fireworks display available on YouTube!

For one last staycation idea, if you have the space for it, try going camping in your backyard or maybe even your living room. Pitch a tent or make a fort, roll out the sleeping bags, enjoy hot dogs & hamburgers, have a campfire (or a virtual one), and indulge in as many s’mores as your heart desires. Twinkly lights, anyone?

Learn how to make your favourite summer treats from home

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There’s no denying that one of the best things about summer is all the sweet treats we can justify eating way too much of for a couple of months. While it’s fun going out to buy these treats at stores, restaurants or events, your fave treats can also be made from the comfort of your home when going out isn’t possible!

Get creative with your very own sidewalk chalk art gallery

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If you’re usually someone who loves taking summer trips to art galleries, this one is for you.

While we might not be able to go into galleries this summer, we can create our own! Purchase a big bucket of chalk in-store or online and get creative, creating works of chalk art right on your sidewalk or your driveway.

If you don’t have a sidewalk available to you, a great alternative for your very own “at-home art gallery” could be a painted chalkboard wall or chalkboard frames from any craft store. Or, if chalk isn’t your thing, there are lots of other great summer art projects to try!

Live vicariously through book characters

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Instead of mindlessly watching Netflix for hours this summer, make yourself comfortable outside and live vicariously through the characters’ stories in some books!

Follow their adventures, travels and wild summer romances, all from the safe comfort of your home. Even though it won’t be the same, and we would much rather be living the stories ourselves, books make for a great alternative for the time being, and they might even inspire you for when we can finally go back to “normal”! We might not be able to do everything we usually love doing, but the characters in our books can!

Replace your summer road trip by checking out Drive & Listen!

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One of the best parts of road trips to a new city is exploring its streets and wandering around with no destination in mind.

With Drive & Listen, you can virtually experience just that – driving around big cities all around the world while listening to their local radio stations all for free. Check out the streets of Seoul, Rome, Amsterdam, Chicago, Dublin, and so many more!

Watch movies “on the big screen” with an outdoor movie projector

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Round up your household or your inner bubble members and set up a covid-friendly movie screening outside with a projector.

Projectors are simple to purchase online, and can be a great fun way to replace the movie theatre screen at home. Simply set up a white sheet against a big wall on your house, or purchase an extra outdoor projector screen to set up in your backyard.

Get some snacks and popcorn ready, set up some comfy launch chairs, pull out the blankets, and you’re all ready to go for a fun movie night!

Explore local nature with friends on socially-distanced hikes

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Hanging out and catching up with friends after being apart for school is one of the best parts of summer. Although there won’t be any pool parties or sleepovers, a safe hang-out alternative can be to go hiking with one other person. Find local trails to explore and meet up separately for your excursions.

Remember: wear a mask, even outdoors! Following local and provincial public health regulations should be the first thing on your to-do list.

Have a blast (safely) celebrating the summer holiday with sparklers

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Going to see fireworks for big events like Victoria day or Canada Day often makes for a fun summer activity to enjoy with friends or family. However, since celebrating all the big summer events that way won’t be possible this summer, you can make up for it on your own at home.

Hand-held sparklers are a fun, and easy way to replace the firework shows you’ll be missing. They’ll add a little festivity to your scaled-down summer holiday celebrations at home, and as a bonus, they make for great props for fun Instagram pictures!

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With vaccine rollout plans in place all over Canada and around the world, let’s not lose hope. Make sure to do your part and continue following health and safety protocols even if you are vaccinated.

Together, we can hopefully start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel soon, and can once again enjoy our favourite traditions in person.

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