The leaves might have fallen, but our spirits don’t have to.

We’ve been self-isolating or socially distancing for close to a year. As we’ve been battling this pandemic, some may think we should be used to how things operate and that it should be easier.  

However, as we’re deep in the winter months and the temperature outside continues to drop, self-isolation may become harder to deal with for many of us.

Top health officials have been stating their concern regarding mental health and the impact COVID-19 has been having on the lives of Canadians. Finding the best ways to cope with self-isolation during this time can help combat some mental health struggles associated with the pandemic.

Check some of them out below!

Fun online classes

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Joining an online class will not only give you the opportunity to practice a hobby or to try out something new, but it also gives you the chance to meet new people and socialize. Love to read? Check out an online book club! Always thought you had what it takes to be a Hollywood star? Sign up for online acting classes! Or if you’re looking for something to help you develop new skills, check out Skillshare! There are tons of different classes you can sign up for and – the best part – they offer free trials!

Video calls

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Being able to socialize and to see our friends and family is vital for our mental wellbeing. Though COVID-19 makes this more of a challenge and perhaps the winter months make it even more difficult than before, there are still ways to keep in touch.

Facetime with your friends and family if you are unable to see them as often as before! If video calling isn’t an option, a regular phone call is great too. Think of it as a way to not only help yourself but also help your loved ones. A lot of the older population is even more isolated than we are and a small phone call can go a long way to help. So, pick up the phone or set up your webcam to help make everyone’s day a little better!

Outdoor activities

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It’s so much easier to enjoy the cold weather if you get involved in some fun outdoor winter activities! Toronto recently got a ton of snow, so head out to your backyard to build a snowman or get together with your social circle and find a local hill to go tobogganing – if social distancing is possible!

Online group games

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Don’t let self-isolation stop you from hosting game night! Online group games are perfect for this time of the year if you prefer to stay inside bundled up in a blanket, rather than bundled up to face the cold. It’s a great way to be able to socialize with your friends while staying safe.

You can check out Among Us if you haven’t already and get ready to accuse your friends of being imposters! Or, play some Jackbox.TV; it’s got a variety of different games that you can join on your phone, you just need one person to share it through their webcam. You can also check out Tabletopia for a bunch of different online games to try!

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Whether you’re like Elsa or you hate the cold weather, don’t forget to ask for help if you’re struggling during this time! Self-isolation at any time of year isn’t easy, so if you need a hand or someone to talk to, reach out.

We know self-isolation makes it harder to do your usual workouts, but there are fun ways to replace your Humber gym workout at home that you should check out!

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