Small gestures with a big impact

Throughout your life’s journey, you’ve had your loved ones there to help you along the way or to care for you when you needed it most.

Maybe that was your grandparents reading you a story before bed, your mom checking on you when you were sick or your dad helping you with homework. Or perhaps, for you, it was a close friend who always knew when something was wrong or a partner who cooked your favourite meal after you had a hard day.

These are moments you will remember. And though the gestures aren’t always big in action, they can make an enormous impact.  

If you are in a position to do so, think of some ways that you can now care for those that cared for you. We’re sure it will mean the world to them.

If you’re not sure where to start, take a look below for some ideas! And don’t worry, if you’re in lockdown and don’t live with your loved ones, I’ve provided some socially-distanced alternatives.

Cook their favourite meal

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Nothing is quite as comforting as a home-cooked meal. And, of course, we all have our favourites. Pesto chicken alfredo is definitely the way to my heart. Whatever the way to your loved one’s heart, roll up your sleeves and step into the kitchen.

And if you’re intimidated by the kitchen, don’t sweat it! The meal you cook doesn’t have to be fancy. You can always make them their favourite breakfast or snack. The effort is what will truly be appreciated.

Socially-distanced alternative: order them their favourite meal

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It may not be home-cooked, but having an unexpected delivery of your favourite meal would be an amazing treat for anybody. So, hop on your meal delivery app and try this socially-distanced alternative.

Spend quality time

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Sometimes the best way to care for someone is just to be there for them. Make an effort to spend some quality time with your loved one. If they have a favourite hobby or pastime, see if there’s a way to make it something you can do together. Or even come up with a new activity for the two of you. It can be as simple as building a puzzle, going on a run or even just watching a movie together. The important part is to be in each other’s company.

Socially-distanced alternative: call or Facetime

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If distance is a factor, pick up the phone and call or Facetime your loved one. It shows them that you’re thinking about them and that you care. Don’t underestimate the power of a phone call, it can mean the world to someone who lives alone.

Help with extra housework

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This is a great way to care for a loved one, especially if they’re stressed with work or school. It will help take a load off their plate, so they can find some time to relax. See what they need help with and get started! You can help by vacuuming, mowing the lawn or just helping with the dishes. It won’t cost you a lot of your time, but it will help your loved one!

Socially-distanced alternative: drop off groceries

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Even if you don’t live together, there are still great ways to help out! For example, before your next grocery trip, call and offer to pick up and drop off some groceries for your friend or family member. This is definitely a great way to care for a loved one, even if you can’t be together.  

Surprise them with a gift!

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If you want to do something a little extra, why not surprise them with a gift? You can order a gift online or you can try your hand at something homemade. There are tons of ways to get creative! And this works perfectly regardless of whether you live with the person or not because you can always order something directly to their home or mail your own gift. Definitely a self-isolation savvy option.

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However you choose to care for someone, don’t overthink it. The important part is that you are making an effort. And in this case, it is truly the effort that counts.

Trying to figure out the best way to care for a loved one? Consider learning how to identify and love with the five love languages.

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