Another day, another Zoom class.

We’ve almost completed a full semester of online learning — yay!

But at this point, we’re all probably experiencing some level of screen fatigue. Online learning day after day isn’t easy, but it will be worth it.

If you need some motivation to get through the rest of your Zoom classes, just know that online learning is actually setting you up for career success by helping you develop new skills and strengthen others!

Don’t believe me? Take a look below and let me change your mind!


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Transitioning everything to a work from home environment means that there is no physical separation between school, work or free-time. This makes it a lot easier for time set aside for certain activities to blend together, which is why we’ve all had to become masters of time-management.

We’ve definitely had to find ways to help us manage our time. Maybe for you, that meant implementing a new routine or creating a make-shift workspace to keep you focused. Whatever it was, you did what you needed to do to get the job done and manage your time effectively.

Trust me, this skill will do you wonders once you enter the workforce.

Digital literacy

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More and more employers are seeking digital-savvy individuals to join their team. And no, that doesn’t mean you have to know how to code, though it is a great skill to have! For many employers, being digital savvy is a lot simpler. Do you understand social media? Are you able to use Microsoft Office? Are you comfortable navigating online platforms? These are basic skills that almost all employers want their staff to have and it’s something online learning is helping us develop now more than ever before.

I’m sure over the course of your online semester you’ve given a Zoom presentation or two, learned how to share your screen and created some killer PowerPoint presentations. It might seem super basic, but these skills will help you in the future! I promise.


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Learning online means we have to learn in an environment that’s full of distractions. It’s easy to turn your camera off and start aimlessly scrolling through Instagram during class or leave to go get food. It’s hard to shut out those distractions and it takes real self-discipline to continuously apply yourself in an at-home learning environment. Nonetheless, self-discipline is a characteristic that your future employer will be glad you have!


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Many professors have used the online format as an opportunity to introduce their students to a variety of guest speakers. This has allowed us to meet and connect with different professionals within the field and learn more about different career paths! As an added bonus, it has allowed us to grow our LinkedIn networks and make connections, which could possibly lead to a job offer further down the line.

Interview skills

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Online interviews are going to be the norm for the foreseeable future and will likely stick around afterwards. So, learning the skills you need to ace an online interview now, is going to set you up for future success and potentially help you land your dream job.

Online learning has taught us how to conduct ourselves in an online environment and has given us the opportunity to perfect our online presentation skills. Not to mention, it’s given us the chance to work out all the bugs with our tech equipment and allowed us to figure out how Zoom works before our big interview.

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To be honest, working from home is becoming more acceptable and many employers plan to continue this approach post-pandemic. Employees are able to save time on commuting and employers are able to save money on office space, not to mention everyone is able to stay safe. What’s not to like?

And lucky for you, your online education has already prepared you for this type of work environment! So, don’t worry because once you graduate, you’ll be ready for the world.

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