You mean…there’s more?

Yes, yes there is.

POV: you’re your TV looking at you for all of winter break.

Professor Utonium from The Powerpuff Girls sits on the couch and reaches for the remote saying, "Help me!"

After a long semester and a finals season that—somehow—seemed even longer, all you want to do is lay down, whip up some seasonal snacks and watch things until your brain feels like Kids’ Choice Awards slime.

There’s just one problem: you’ve seen, like, every movie and TV show. After all, you just finished studying from home for over a year—and streaming services haven’t added that much new content since campus re-opened. What are you supposed to do? Re-watch You season three? Again?

No. Never fear, friend—IGNITE is here to save the day with some immaculate non-movie, non-TV content to fill your calendar with this winter break.

For those moments when you’ve exhausted your watch list, but still can’t muster the strength to leave your blanket cocoon, here’s what to watch besides movies and TV:

YouTubers to watch this winter

We know you know YouTube is home to a wealth of content for you to enjoy. So much so, honestly, that it can be kind of overwhelming. So, here are some creators to break the ice with:

Video essayists

Khadija Mbowe

Self-described “cool, fun, millennial auntie” Khadija Mbowe sits in their work space and talks about whatever they want—which, usually, includes topics like political polarization, skin-tone bias on social media and the intersections between class, race and perceived intelligence. Her creative delivery makes this the perfect blend of facts, figures and fun.

Oh, and you can expect (beautiful) outro singingKhadija is a UofT music alumnus and co-founded a not-for-profit to “change the visual landscape of music by empowering marginalized youth.”


Shaniya, sometimes known as Shanspeare, identifies, analyzes and explains stereotypes and tropes common in mainstream media—from blockbuster movies, to Wattpad fan fiction, to TikTok.

Plus, she’s got immaculate style and, between her video essays, passes fashion advice on to you.

CJ the X

Do you like cult-favourite pop culture staples? Do you like deep, existential analyses of things most people don’t read into beyond the surface? How about perfectly crafted jokes so rapid-fire that, by the time you’ve processed one, you’ve already missed six more?

If you answered yes, you’ll like CJ the X.

Fun facts: they also make music and live in Toronto!


Hannah Glow

Need a vlog channel that feels like you’re FaceTiming your best friend? That’s Hannah. Follow her around as she films videos for her main channel, loves on her (adorable) dogs, listens to TSwift and goes on Starbucks runs.

Psst—if you like what you see in her vlogs, she also has a podcast and does video essays on internet culture!


It’s no secret that vloggers can sometimes make regular life feel inadequate—like, how do these people find the time to make aesthetically pleasing meals three times a day?

Amanda, better known by her channel name Amandamaryanna, is a student just like you. Her vlogs depict her real student life—from workouts, to coffee runs, to late-night study sessions. In her words, “my life is not a movie” (which is ironic because she’s studying film.)

And, if you like her vlogs, check out her video essays!

Michelle Choi

For a lot of students, starting school is the first time you live on your own. If that’s your case (or even if it’s not, TBH), Michelle Choi’s Living Alone Diaries vlog series is everything you need.


Tara Mooknee

Have you ever noticed how podcasts are all made by people? Boring. Grazing Hell, Tara Mooknee‘s podcast, is the only podcast in the world made by a cow.

Don’t believe us? Watch it for yourself!

Chris Klemens

You might already know Chris from his main YouTube channel, where he posts videos reviewing celebrity style, trying strange art projects and unboxing viral TikTok products. But this year, he also launched a podcast, Unhinged, with Big Spark Studios!

It’s all the Chris chaos you love; now in longer segments.

Justin James

Justin James, host of the King of Reads YouTube channel, also hosts a podcast titled In the Middle alongside author-editor Da’Shaun Harrison and scholar and writer Tea Sierra.

You’ll find enriching discussions about topics such as gender, the constructed dichotomy between “thickness” and “fatness” and Dear White People and desirability.

Livestreamers to watch this winter

You don’t have to love video games to find community on Twitch. (But, if you do, that’s cool too.) Here are some livestreamers to keep you company this winter break:


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Have you ever been the only video game lover in your friend group? It’s tough—it’s hard to explain the complexities of Super Mario lore to people who can’t tell Koopa Kid from Bowser Junior.

Luckily, there’s Sykkuno: a Twitch livestreamer known for community, playing with friends and making sure everyone feels included. Just vibes and video games—what more could you ask for?

Meg Stalter

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OK, so, Meg Stalter (of “Hi, gay!” fame) is not a Twitch livestreamer—but her comedy shows on Instagram Live give even the most jam-packed Netflix comedy specials a run for their money. Able to effortlessly—and hilariously—embody characters like a flight attendant trainer, a senior massage therapist and disgraced apologetic model, we’d pay to see a one-woman show from this performer.

Follow her on Twitter to stay up-to-date with her next scheduled livestream!

Félix Lengyel

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Better known on Twitch as xqcow, this competitive Overwatch player and Gladiators Legion member will make you laugh and keep you on the edge of your seat—often at the same time.

Musicals to watch this winter

Hear us out. We know you probably think musicals are lame—or only for those people who would be so loud in your 8 a.m. high school English class for no reason (The student writing this can say that because she was one of those people. Also, she says sorry.)

If you haven’t yet seen Hamilton on Disney+, that’s your first assignment. If you have, here’s what to watch next:

The Last Five Years

Experience the story of a five-year relationship told from both perspectives, one chronologically and one reverse-chronologically, accompanied by some of the most gorgeous music you’ve ever heard. While originally written for the stage, you can watch its 2014 film adaptation on Apple TV.

And if you can make it through without crying, you’re stronger than us.

Shrek The Musical

We’ll keep it real with you: this one’s polarizing. Some people love it and some people think it goes against everything the original Shrek movie was about. But, to the latter group, we say: “It’s fun! Don’t you like fun?”

If you like fun, reader, this one’s on Netflix.

Spongebob Squarepants: The Broadway Musical

Yes, that Spongebob Squarepants. Yes, they made a musical about him. And it won a Tony!

With songs from David Bowie (yes, that David Bowie), T.I. (yes, that T.I.), John Legend (yes—you know what? Just yes to all of them), Sara Bareilles, Cyndi Lauper, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, this show’s got a tune for every music taste. Check it out on Amazon Prime!

Whatever you curl up to watch this winter, IGNITE wishes you a restful break.

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