Blair Waldorf: Three words; eight letters. Say it and I’m yours.

Us: A fab sale.

Is it just us, or did winter *really* sneak up on us this year?

It feels like, only a few seconds ago, we were taking pictures in pumpkin patches and lining up our favourite spooky movies for a Halloween marathon (all while cramming for midterms, mind you.) And now, all of a sudden, we’re scraping ice off our windshields in the morning?

Turn back the clock; this is a bad deal.

Speaking of deals, though—the cold season does bring one of the most anticipated shopping days of the year: Black Friday.

People pour into a store on Black Friday.

Now, OK, look: we know better than to mindlessly promote Black Friday sales because to be honest, Black Friday has a lot of issues. Compulsively stockpiling luxury goods you don’t need (or, sometimes, even want) just because “they’re on a great sale” has very real environmental and labour rights consequences—so much so that “Buy Nothing Day” has emerged as a concurrent counter-holiday.

At the same time, though, for a lot of students it’s the one period where buying essentials doesn’t break the bank.

Ultimately, whether you decide to participate in Black Friday is up to you. But if you do choose to fill up a shopping cart, do so mindfully, such as for student necessities.

So here’s our list of where you can score some discounts on some student essentials:

For tech

Bouncing cartoon computers.

With many Humber and UofGH classes still online, having reliable equipment is more important than ever. Here’s where you can save on useful gadgets:

For clothes

Stitch from Disney's "Lilo and Stitch" wears a dirty towel as a cape.

At some point in the not-so-distant past, the world seemingly decided it was OK to charge $30 for a T-shirt (and clearly consulted zero students before making that decision.) Here’s where you can find affordable apparel this year:

For home goods

Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz" closes her eyes and says "there's no place like home."

Home is where the heart is; and your heart deserves to be comfortable no matter your income. Here’s where you can find necessities for your nest:

For study snacks

Pikachu munches on cookies.

Snacking while studying helps us learn better. It’s, like, science. Probably. Here’s where to save on your favourite nibbles:

However you choose to acknowledge this Black Friday, IGNITE wishes you a great one.

Black Friday deals aside, here’s how you can make a gourmet meal on a student budget.

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