Sweat it out this summer!

Staying active in the summer is definitely easier than other seasons. From going on a run to joining a local sports team, there’s such a variety of activities available to you when the weather gets warmer.  But if you’re like me and would rather write another exam than go to the gym, it can be hard to find the motivation to work out – even when the weather is beautiful and you actually have the time.

Finding an activity you enjoy makes staying active so much more enjoyable. Add in the summer weather and you may even have fun! Whether you’re looking for a way to actually enjoy exercising, or you just want to mix up your usual workout, skip the gym and check out some of these fun ways to stay active this summer!

1. Be a team-player with Humber’s Intramural Program

If you’re looking to make new friends on campus while getting fit, intramural sports is a great option. Humber’s Athletics department offers intramural sports at both campuses throughout the summer, including volleyball, soccer, and basketball! The intramural program is free for summer students and those with a summer athletics membership and open on a drop-in basis. Check out Humber Athletics for the monthly schedules!

2. Get back to nature with park trails

If you’re looking to explore, this is for you. As Humber and GH students, we are lucky to have some gorgeous parks available at both campuses. The Lakeshore campus has tons of trails all down the lakefront, and the Arboretum at North campus has so many beautiful gardens and forest paths. Both options are sure to give you your cardio fix with a view. Another bonus? All the happy dogs on walks will definitely put a smile on your face!

3. Make a splash at an outdoor pool

What’s summer without going for a dip? Going for a swim isn’t just a good way to cool down from the heat, it can also be great exercise. If you don’t have a pool available to you, Toronto has tons of outdoor pools across the city! By Lakeshore, there’s the Rotary Peace Park pool just steps from campus, and by North, there’s Highfield pool and Flagstaff pool minutes away. Most of the outdoor pools open on June 22nd, but until then, don’t forget North campus has it’s own indoor pool right next door!

4. Pull your (body)weight at a calisthenics park

If strength training is more your style, try callisthenics outdoors at Sir Casimir Growski park! This kind of exercise includes a variety of movements that target the large muscle groups, using mostly bodyweight. Just down Lakeshore Blvd by Sunnyside Pavillion, this park has parallel bars, pull-up bars, and low bars to work those muscles while enjoying the summer sunshine. If you’re not sure where to start, check out some calisthenic workouts on YouTube to follow along!


5. Take a swing at the batting cages

Taking a trip to the batting cages is a fun way to improve your hand-eye coordination, work your arms, and get out any aggression you have left over from last semester’s group projects. The Diamond Beach Sports Complex at Centennial Park, right between North and Lakeshore campuses, has outdoor batting cages for only $3.50 per 20 pitches at speeds for every experience level. They also supply helmets and bats, so all you need to bring is the sunscreen! (Note that they only take cash, and don’t have any on-site ATMs!)


6. Go for the green at the driving range

Not only does Centennial Park have a fun sports area, but they also have a full golf course facility! If you don’t want to play the full game, you can still channel your inner Tiger Woods at the driving range. A full bucket of golf balls comes in at only $14, or if mini-golf is more your style, you can play around for $10. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to get a good arm day out of it!

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