Sweat it out.

With the Humber gym currently closed for everyone except required staff and students living on residence, we’re missing our go-to place to get in our workouts. However, whether you’re at the gym or at home, getting a great workout is more than possible without all the fancy equipment.

Here are some fun ways that you can replace your gym workout from home.

Follow a workout video series or challenge

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With so many different types of workout videos available on YouTube and Instagram, your options are endless! Choose from something more intense like a HIIT workout, something more relaxed like a Yoga routine, or anything in between.

Many fitness influencers like Chloe Ting or Blogilates create free schedules and challenges for you to follow along with little to no equipment required. Whether you choose to check out a video here or there or try to complete a full challenge, it’s up to you and great workouts are guaranteed!

Download a fitness app

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Although they often require a subscription, fitness apps are easy to use and easily accessible through your phone or tablet. Many of them help create and track fitness plans for you based on your preferences and goals.

Rating almost five stars each, 7 Minute Workout, SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness and Fitplan: Gym & Home Workout are some great apps to look into.

Virtual classes

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Humber’s fitness classes made for great workouts between classes. They allowed us to try something new, and guided us when we didn’t know what we were doing. This is all still possible! With so many fitness centres closed due to COVID-19, many have moved their classes online.

Consider supporting a local business near you by joining one of their virtual fitness classes where you can follow along with the instructor from the comfort of your home. Humber also has virtual online classes weekdays available on both Zoom and Instagram.

But that’s not all. Join us on October 21 for a FREE 30-minute Body Positivity Fitness class lead by Jenna Doak, founder of Body Positive Fitness and certified fitness trainer. This class is 100% size-inclusive, and you definitely won’t want to miss out.

What are you waiting for? Register today and get sweatin’!

Play a workout video game

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Fitness video games can help switch up your usual workout routine and add a little extra fun. Some noteworthy ones to check out are Just Dance 2020, Fitness Boxing, and Zumba Burn It Up, but any game that gets you moving will work great!

Try out roller skating

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Thanks to social media and social distancing, roller skating is back and has been building a lot of popularity recently! Not only is it a cool skill to know and a fun activity, it also makes for a great full body workout. Plus it’s a great cardio alternative and excellent muscle workout for your lower body and core. Try it out before the snow starts taking over the streets.

Have a virtual dance party with friends

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Dancing makes for an incredible cardio workout without feeling like you’re actually working out. Get some friends together in a video call, turn up the music and dance it out! Burn those calories, get sweaty and move your entire body while having fun.

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With all the stress around the current school year, its important to take time for self-care. Working out can be a great way to relieve stress and stay focused. Despite not having access to the Humber gym this year, make sure to try to exercise regularly and stay healthy!

Your physical health is important. Learn more about the IGNITE health and dental insurance plan here!

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