Snug as a bug in a breakout room.

It’s that time of year.

That time where the post-holiday blues are in full swing, and we’re struggling to get back into the groove of things.

Cue a new semester.

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Many of us at Humber and UofGH are studying from home again this semester. It’s tough – but it doesn’t have to wreck your success. To truly triumph this semester, tailor your at-home working environment to allow your thoughts to thrive.

In other words, focus better on your studies by creating a comfortable place to study.

Here are five simple ways to coz-ify your at-home workspace:

Tidy up

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A cluttered study space makes for a cluttered headspace. No, really – working in a messy space overstimulates your brain, making it harder for you to get things done.

Take half an hour to clear your at-home workspace: stack your books, make your bed, pick your clothes up off the floor, and do anything else you need to straighten out your makeshift classroom.

Your mind will thank you for it.

Work in colour

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When it comes to home offices, a little truly goes a long way; even adjusting the colour of your workspace can improve your comfort and productivity.

Colour psychology – the study of how colours can impact your mood and behaviour – tells us green and blue are ideal for focus, energy and calm.

Try incorporating some blue and green décor into your space!

Go green

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Speaking of green, you can improve your work environment and the world’s environment by adding some plants to your study space.

Keeping plants where you work has been proven to improve attention span – especially when your work involves staring at a screen.

Low-maintenance, air-cleaning, affordable plants like succulents are great for students.

Shine a light

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Sometimes sprucing up your space is as simple as opening a window.

Working in natural light boosts your brain by reducing symptoms that slow you down like eye strain and headaches.

No window? No problem! You can enjoy the benefits of natural light by investing in a light therapy lamp.

Wrap it up

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We get it: remote learning can make you feel less motivated. It’s easy to jot down productivity tips, but the reality is, some days, just mustering the energy to open your laptop feels like a win. That’s okay too.

When you need a bit of extra support, a cozy throw or wearable blanket will keep you comfy in class.

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Now you know everything you need to upgrade your remote study space. All that’s left is to ace this semester.

You’ve got this, friend.

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