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Every generation is defined by a song. A social creed, a profound truth, a philosophical proposal so complex yet so simple that it resets popular culture and establishes a new era for the human race. Ours?

“Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days. Everybody knows what, what I’m talkin’ ‘bout, everybody gets that way.”

Thanks, Hannah.

It’s true: failure is a normal and necessary step to success. This is true now more than ever as we collectively learn how to chase our dreams during a global pandemic. But, still, it’s hard to look at failure and uncertainty as opportunities when they’re happening, since there’s still such a negative stigma around messing up.

That’s why IGNITE is partnering with The Failure Insitute to put on our very own F*ckup Night (FUN).

This free , online live speaking event is designed to help you bounce back from your failures and free yourself from unrealistically high expectations as you navigate your unique career path. You’ll walk away feeling excited, empowered and inspired to keep fucking up!

What’s in it for me?

• Free event admission
• Ninety minutes of uplifting conversation and stories from famous failures like:
Marlon Palmer: a first generation Canadian of Jamaican descent entertainer, known for his hilarious viral videos "Sh*t Jamaicans Say" and "Sh*t Toronto People Say.
• Six months of free access to Natalie Riviere: marketing master and the CEO of Commetta Communications Inc., a collective that teaches businesses how to shine online through content creation and campaign management.
Daniel Gutiérrez: a leading environmental activist and the director of Saving The Amazon, a foundation that helps preserve the Amazon Rainforest by planting trees with local Indigenous communities.
• Six months of free access to The Failure Institute: an online social platform featuring webinars, book recommendations and live events.

Where can I sign up?

IGNITE’s F*ckup Night is a no registration required event. Simply join the live session on Zoom using the link below, and you’re in!