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If you’re feeling a financial strain from the effects of the pandemic, you’re not alone. It’s hard enough to save as a student, but add mass lay-offs and extra costs on top of that, and it can be tough just to make ends meet.

Despite campus being closed, IGNITE is still here to help. We want to set you up for success with tangible skills you can use now, and in your future, so you can reach your full potential!

Tune in to our Instagram, @shareignite, every Thursday at 12 p.m. June through August for Earning & Learning Live with IGNITE Student Engagement Coordinator Julia, and financial expert Chantel Chapman. Learn how to budget your COVID-19 support, how to avoid debt, credit score 101, and much more!

In case you needed another reason to join, there’s a giveaway every episode. Yes, you read that right. Tune in and you could win a $100 VISA gift card! Take a look at the full weekly schedule below!

Week 1 – COVID Support + Tax Impacts – ​This is a review of financial support for students in Ontario. Find out everything you need to know about COVID-19 support and your taxes.

Week 2 – Summer COVID Budgeting – ​Get tips for optimizing the COVID financial support.

Week 3 -​​How Generational, Relational and Systemic Trauma Impacts Your Money Story​ – Trauma comes in many forms and sabotages financial literacy efforts, rendering them short-term at best. We will discuss why understanding your own money story is the foundation for sustainable financial literacy and prosperity.

Week 4 – Financial Disorders​ – Here we’ll discuss an overview of Dr. Brad and Ted Klontz’s common financial disorders.

Week 5 – Speaking Up for Your Worth ​- We will explore a common financial disorder among young folks called, “Financial Enabling”, which is the umbrella term for behaviours such as undercharging, being afraid to ask for a raise, or being the friend who always picks up the tab.

Week 6 -​​ Overspending ​- We have a debt crisis in Canada and it is due to overspending. Sometimes this happens because we are underearning or because we are spending emotionally. We will explore the “Why of the Buy” in this session.

Week 7 – What is credit? -​ We will explore the history of credit, and how these systems operate today. We will cover common credit vehicles and interest rate structures.

Week 8 – Credit Scores​ – In this session, we will go into detail about what a credit score is, and why it matters. You will walk away with 5 concrete tips on how to have a great credit score.

Week 9 – Debt Payback and Budgeting Strategies​ – We will discuss how to implement a motivating debt payment plan and go through different budgeting strategies so you can implement one that works best for you.

Week 10 – Investing 101 – Find out how to invest, where to invest, and everything in between.

Week 11 – Buying your first home- Get the 411 on buying your first home.

Set those reminders on your phone, get your notes ready, and we’ll see you live!