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Join a club or start your own!

One of the best parts of college and university are the countless opportunities to get involved on campus. And one of the best ways to get involved, is by joining a club or starting your own! Not sure what clubs are available on campus or how to get yours up and running? We have you covered!

Join us at IGNITE Club day on Tuesday, Oct. 18 between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. at either the Humber North or Humber Lakeshore Campus. At our North Campus the event will be held at E concourse and at our Lakeshore campus it will be hosted in the L building cafeteria.

At Clubs Day, you can walk around and learn about the different clubs already established on campus! And if you don't see something that strikes your interest, you can also learn about the steps it takes to start your very own.

Being part of a club means being part of a community! Whether you're into video games, love to knit, or enjoy discussing the cinematography of your favourite movies, we guarantee that there's a fellow student who shares your interest. Take a look at all the clubs we have already sanctioned.

There is no registration required for this event, so just pop on by between your class breaks! We'd love to see you and connect you with those who share your biggest interests!