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Take the work out of your workout.

Has exercise lost its fun for you? Fitness is an important part of staying healthy, but when you start focusing too much on weight-loss or gain, you can easily lose sight of what’s most important. Your body does a lot for you, from helping you heal to rest, and it’s important to recognize and appreciate your body the way it is – because, as explained by the renowned singer-songwriter Hannah Montana, nobody’s perfect!

Join us and Jenna Doak, founder of Body Positive Fitness and certified fitness trainer, for a 30-minute full-body workout class, focusing on bringing the joy back to your exercise. This session is 100% size-inclusive – no talk of weight-loss, dieting, or body shaming!

This workout will incorporate cardio, resistance, strength, and balance training, but with no crazy tools or accessories. All you need is yourself and an optional yoga mat! All fitness levels are welcome, so grab your gym clothes and get ready to sweat. Following the class will be a Q&A for you to ask any and all of your fitness or body-positivity questions, in a safe, supportive environment.

Make sure to register below – there are only 30 spots available! The live event link will be emailed to you 30 minutes before the event begins. Keep your eyes on your inbox!

Make some time to appreciate your body just the way it is, and we know it will thank you.