School gets busy and it can be hard to find the time to stay fit.

Although Humber has great fitness centres, sometimes you don’t have time or are too shy to go. That’s why we decided to find some workouts you can do in the comfort of your dorm room, apartment, or bedroom; all you need is a flat surface.

Whether you’re too shy to hit the gym or can’t find enough time in a busy day, we’ve scoured YouTube to find the best workouts you can do without leaving your house!

Remember don’t push yourself too hard and only do exercises you feel comfortable with.


Crunches or sit ups are a great way to break a sweat and strengthen your core. Make sure to keep your feet planted on the floor, and don’t try and pull your head too far up, or the weight of your body will shift from your abdomen to your back which could lead to a strain or injury.

A woman demonstrating a sit up


With planks, the age old idiom of no pain, no gain truly applies. Try and keep your body straight and still for as long as possible. Start off with 45 seconds to a minute, and increase your time in 30 second increments to see gains.

Leg Raises

Bend at your waist and lift your legs, as opposed to trying to pull up with your core. It will keep the burn focused on your abs and not your back and neck.

A woman demonstrating leg raises

Bicycle Kick

Alternate touching opposite elbows to knees, while keeping your head elevated off the ground. Alternatively try keeping your arms still and move your legs in the air as if you were pedalling a bicycle.

A man demonstrating bicycle kicks


This 3 minute tutorial is a typical ab workout that can be done in your dorm room.  My hockey coach used to run us through this at practice so I can vouch for its effectiveness. Adjust the time you focus on each exercise based on your ability. 30 seconds a piece is a good starting point.


Burpees are a great exercise to break a sweat, because they involve perpetual motion. Start off with 20-30 and increase your sets in increments of 10. Rest between sets rather than burpees to keep burning calories.

A woman demonstrating burpees


Pushups are the original anytime-anywhere exercise. They strengthen your chest, arms and core.


You don’t have to be an experienced yogi to catch a sweat from yoga. Anyone can do it and all you need is a flat surface.

Remember exercise is important, but above all it should be FUN. It’s all about feeling good about yourself, so tweet us if you have something different that works for you.

If any of these exercises have been helpful, make sure to check out our article on how to stay fit during the winter and on how to eat healthy on a student budget.