Study that next chapter, or binge watch a new show? No judgment here…

I remember when Netflix was a throwaway service that nobody saw much value in paying for. There used to be nothing but B movies, obscure foreign films, and oldies (but goodies) that we’ve seen all too many times. Thankfully, that’s all changed in the past three years. Now we’re spoiled for choice, with a seemingly endless supply of binge-worthy TV shows and critically acclaimed films coming out every month.

This is all thanks to Netflix’s massive investment in new things for us to watch. They spent $12 billion on content in 2018, and are expected to invest another $15 billion this year. It’s nice to know our subscription fees are going to a worthy cause!

Here’s some cool new stuff you can watch on Netflix in March:

The Order (Mar 7)

The Order is a horror show, with elements of dark comedy sprinkled in. The story follows Jack Morton, who is just starting out in college. But Jack is more concerned with avenging his mother’s death than studying for class. He joins a secret society, known as The Order, which causes him to get tangled up in a war between werewolves and witches.

I can’t be sure, but it sounds like The Order has everything you could want in a TV series. Angry young protagonist? Check. Super secret underground society with an ominous name? Check. Hairy moon-mangled beasts? Check. Elements of the magical arts? Checkmate.


After Life (Mar 8)

After Life is a dark comedy series starring Ricky Gervais, who actually created, produced and directed the show. The story follows Tony, who stops giving a damn about everything and everyone after his wife passes away. He starts saying and doing whatever he wants in an attempt to punish the world for his loss. But the people in his life won’t be pushed away that easily. They want to help him become a good person again.

While my nonexistent wife hasn’t passed away, I’ve always wanted to live my life without a filter. There have been many occasions I didn’t speak my mind to avoid confrontation, only to regret it later. Now I can enjoy the sweet satisfaction of telling someone off through Tony’s despicable behaviour in After Life. Can’t wait.


Triple Frontier (Mar 13)

Triple Frontier is an action film starring Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam and Pedro Pascal. The story is about five ex-military guys that reunite for the sole purpose of robbing an infamous drug lord in South America. Of course, things don’t go as planned and the ambitious vets have to deal with the fallout of their misguided attempt at seizing a massive amount of cash.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good action thriller. The genre is somewhat of a lost art these days. And if the quality of Triple Frontier resembles that of The Accountant or The Town (Affleck’s other awesome action thrillers) then I’ll be extremely satisfied with this one.


Love, Death & Robots (Mar 15)

Love, Death & Robots is a collection of 18 animated short stories that touch on a variety of adult themes. Made by various animators and filmmakers from around the world, the stories involve things like sentient dairy products, werewolf soldiers and robots gone wild.

I really don’t know what to make of this mishmash anthology of off-the-wall animation, but I can’t help but wonder how sentient dairy products fit into the grand scheme of a story. I have to watch Love, Death & Robots if for no other reason than to experience its shock value. But I hope there’s some substance beneath all the jarring visuals.


Turn Up Charlie (Mar 15)

Turn Up Charlie is a comedy series created and co-produced by Idris Elba, who also stars in the show. The story follows Charlie, a single DJ struggling to get by. He makes one last attempt at revitalizing his music career while reluctantly working as a manny for his famous best friend’s 11-year-old daughter.

I love Idris Elba. He does such a great job of playing a bad dude, that I have to see how he pulls off this unusual role of musically inclined caretaker. The fact that he created the story, and put up a bunch of money to get it made, means he must be pretty passionate about portraying Charlie.


Osmosis (Mar 29)

Osmosis is a French sci-fi fantasy series about AI-driven online dating. Set in Paris in the not-so-distant future, the story follows a group of people looking for true love. They become participants in a new dating service that uses pills and brainwaves to find each of them a soulmate. Naturally, the participants get more than they bargained for as the company administering the dating service reveals some ulterior motives.

If you don’t speak French, or you can’t deal with subtitles, then I won’t blame you for skipping Osmosis. But I love shows with a dark premise revolving around future technology. The trailer reminds me of Black Mirror, which seems like it was a big inspiration for the creator of this show. Definitely checking this one out.

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