How to Start a Club

Step 1: Read the Clubs Policy and Clubs Handbook.
Step 2: Complete the Clubs Application Form and Executive Signature Form.
Step 3: A response will be sent by email to you by the Clubs Coordinator within two business days.
Step 4: Mandatory club training must be completed by two (2) executives. The Clubs and Volunteer Coordinator will contact you with the date of the clubs training meetings.
Step 5: Once approved, you may begin club activities.


Requirements for Approval


I. Membership may consist of full-time students and part-time students of Humber College and/or the University of Guelph-Humber. A minimum of ten (10) members shall comprise a club plus two (2) executives: When applying, you must have the full name, email, student number and academic program of all 12 members;

II. IGNITE executives, and any elected student representatives, including directors of the board, shall not be executive members of any club;

III. Club membership is free and open to all students regardless of race, age, gender, religion, culture, ability, and academic program;

IV. An executive member for one club shall not serve as an executive member of another ratified club.

  • Confirmation that a club intends to only carry out activities which do not infringe upon any federal, provincial, and municipal laws, and any institutional, residence or IGNITE policies and procedures;
  • Clubs can be approved on a probationary or a fully-approved status;
  • All clubs financial transactions shall be completed through IGNITE;
  • IGNITE clubs shall not have any off-campus events;
  • A minimum of two club executives MUST attend the mandatory club training.


Visit the Club Application Form.