Campus Life Anti-Black Racism Roundtable: Episode 7 and 8

Silence equals compliance equals violence.

Campus Life Anti-Black Racism Roundtable: Episode 5 and 6

The fight is far from over.

Campus Life Anti-Black Racism Roundtable: Episode 3 and 4

A better world is possible.

Campus Life What to expect at Humber this Fall

Get the facts.

News Adulting 101 | Baking at Home

When at home, do as the bakers do.

News A Message from your 2019-20 Executives

Thanks for a wonderful year.

News Adulting 101 - Time Management

The time is now.

Elections IGNITE Asks | What makes a great leader?

Your friendly neighbourhood advocates.

IGNITE Adulting 101 - Meal Prep

Say goodbye to delivery fees.

Campus Life A Day in the Life of an IGNITE Board Director

Walk a day in their shoes.

Employment Adulting 101 - What Not to Wear

"No shoulder until they get older."

Campus Life How to Pose for Grad Photos

Strike a pose.

Campus Life Adulting 101 - Price Matching

Save money, adult better.

News Student Spotlight: Rwinkle Gill

"There is so much darkness in space, but also so much light."

News SPOTLIGHT: LGBTQ+ Resource Centre

Safer, braver, and positive spaces are here for you.

IGNITE IGNITE Halloween Party 2018 Recap

Re-live Halloween.

Student Profile Martin Jr. Powlette — Student Spotlight

"The amount of opportunity you could find just being around people that are interested in the same thing is phenomenal."

Student Profile Dominic Balasta — Student Spotlight

"Whenever I get that spark, it's always just natural and random. It's never planned."

News Chloe Rowe - Athletic Profile

Being an athlete, coach, and student can be tough and Chloe Rowe has been through it all. We got a chance to sit down with Chloe and hear about her experience.

News Jordan Alamilla - Artistic Profile

We got a chance to sit down and chat with Humber artist Jordan Alamilla about his inspiration, experience, and future aspirations.

Campus Life Ali Badderdine - Student Profile

BlackGold Cafe owner and Humber student Ali Badderdine provides tips and tricks to owning a business.

Campus Life IGNITE Frosh 2017 Recap

Take a look at our video of FROSH 2017

Campus Life IGNITE 2016/2017 Video Yearbook

Another turning point...

Campus Life What advice would you give to First Year Students?

Don't doubt yourself, and never be afraid to ask questions.

News Warren Gordon - Student Profile

“There’s already a Ryan Seacrest- so why don’t you try being yourself?” Warren Gordon is in his first year of the Radio Broadcasting Program at Humber College – North. He…

News C.J. Bennett - Athletic Profile

It's college; it's a completely different game.

News Marko Stojanovic - Artistic Profile

If it really is your passion, you'll push through.

News Amber Bechard - Athletic Profile

"If you get knocked down, get back up"

News Tresor Gray - Artistic Profile

"Just try and find your own thing and that will work."

News Drew Yorke-Slader - Artistic Profile

"It's about getting yourself in a position where something exciting is going to happen."

News Shelby Travers - Student Profile

Meet Shelby and her guide dog, Frances.

News Takeisha Ball - Artistic Profile

They say the only way to get over your fear is to do it...

Student Profile Melanie Hwang - Artistic Profile

Find out what Melanie loves most about dance.

Campus Life IGNITE Frosh Recap

Relive highlights from your IGNITE Frosh 2016!