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"Go for it with your whole heart and all your energy."

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"Over there, I realized that I’m capable of so much more than I ever thought."

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"There is so much darkness in space, but also so much light."

News Born in the Philippines, making it in Canada

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Student Profile Martin Jr. Powlette — Student Spotlight

"The amount of opportunity you could find just being around people that are interested in the same thing is phenomenal."

Student Profile Dominic Balasta — Student Spotlight

"Whenever I get that spark, it's always just natural and random. It's never planned."

Student Profile Meaghan Murphy — Student Spotlight

Meet Meaghan.

News Dayna Kenworthy - Student Profile

Meet Dayna, a fourth year Guelph-Humber student running her own business in the cosplay industry

News Chloe Rowe - Athletic Profile

Being an athlete, coach, and student can be tough and Chloe Rowe has been through it all. We got a chance to sit down with Chloe and hear about her experience.

News Alana Andrade — Student Profile

"Even if you're not completely sure of your voice or aesthetic or whatever it may be, start creating and let yourself refine things as you go."

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We got a chance to sit down and chat with Humber artist Jordan Alamilla about his inspiration, experience, and future aspirations.

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BlackGold Cafe owner and Humber student Ali Badderdine provides tips and tricks to owning a business.

IGNITE Dilshan Jayasinghe - Student Profile

Find the balance first, and then try and get involved.

IGNITE Melissa Krikke - Student Profile

In a lot of ways i'm super grateful to be working while still learning more everyday.

Campus Life Amelia Savoie - Student Profile

"Some parts of your plan will fail, but that's okay, you just have to change the plan and go with the flow..., and you'll be successful."

News Warren Gordon - Student Profile

“There’s already a Ryan Seacrest- so why don’t you try being yourself?” Warren Gordon is in his first year of the Radio Broadcasting Program at Humber College – North. He…

News C.J. Bennett - Athletic Profile

It's college; it's a completely different game.

News Marko Stojanovic - Artistic Profile

If it really is your passion, you'll push through.

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"If you get knocked down, get back up"

News Tresor Gray - Artistic Profile

"Just try and find your own thing and that will work."

News Eli Beauvais - Student Profile Pt. 2

"There's nothing wrong with just being yourself"

News Gerardo Magno - Athletic Profile

"Humber Athletics is a big family. Just being able to say that after 5 years I feel like it was worth it."

News Drew Yorke's advice for aspiring photographers

For aspiring photographers, Instagrammers, and content creators...

News Drew Yorke-Slader - Artistic Profile

"It's about getting yourself in a position where something exciting is going to happen."

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Meet Shelby and her guide dog, Frances.

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There's this myth that distance runners aren't supposed to lift weights, but that's wrong. Listen to your coaches...

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They say the only way to get over your fear is to do it...

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Find out what Melanie loves most about dance.