Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness Eight small ways to care for yourself at home

Treat Yo'self!

Campus Life 5 times the human body has amazed us

Channel your inner Mulan and get down to business!

Campus Life Five vegan soup recipes in case you can't reach the Soupbar

So good, you won't miss the meat.

Campus Life Ignition Point: Episode 1

Wellness & Security.

Campus Life Your DivaCup questions — answered

No more question marks. Just periods.

Campus Life Missing the sleep lounge? Here's how to have en elite nap in your study space

My favourite class is nap time.

Health & Wellness The importance of maintaining healthy relationships in our work, school and social lives

Don’t forget, it’s okay to ask for help.

Campus Life How to choose the right period product for you

Will any of them make the cramps go away?

Campus Life Fun ways to replace your Humber gym workouts from home

Get your sweat on from home.

Campus Life 5 reasons why soup is the best fall food

Have a soup-erb day!

Campus Life How to set boundaries at school and at home - and why you should

A bit of space can bring you together.

Campus Life How gratitude can help you get through a global pandemic

Act locally, think globally.

Campus Life A complete guide to resetting your sleep schedule

Get snoozin' and groovin'!

Health & Wellness Six financial scam red flags to look out for

Thanks but no thanks, "boss babe".

Campus Life Four Toronto-based musicians to soundtrack your study sessions

Take "notes."

Campus Life 9 upsides to having a remote semester

Every class has a silver lining.

Campus Life At-home art projects for a colourful summer

Alternative title: "Excuses to put glitter on things".

Campus Life The ultimate GTA photo scavenger hunt

Let's play a game.

Campus Life How to make your favourite summer treats at home

Summer eatin', had me a blast.

Campus Life What to expect at Humber this Fall

Get the facts.

Health & Wellness How to plan the ultimate staycation

Let's not go to the beach, beach, let's not get away.

Campus Life IGNITE's Dispute Resolution Clinic wins League 2020 Innovation of the Year Award 

Students solving problems. Literally.

Campus Life Nutrition myths you need to stop believing

Keep your juice cleanses.

Campus Life QUIZ: What hobby should you take up during self-isolation?

Pass the time with a new pastime.

Campus Life Here's why National Indigenous History Month is so important

Uplift Indigenous voices.

Campus Life Why it's important to diversify your feed

Escape your echo chamber.

Health & Wellness Life lessons to take from self-isolation

Surviving a historical event should make you rethink some things.

Campus Life I used an app to try making friends while in self-isolation: here's what happened

Tinder, meet your match.

Campus Life How YOU can be an ally

Black Lives Matter.

Campus Life Five ways to put your kitchen scraps to good use

Don't let your waste go to waste.

Campus Life Your guide to celebrating pride month indoors

Love always wins.

Health & Wellness Top 7 reads for students that aren't textbooks

These just hit different.

Health & Wellness How to handle uncertainty

The only constant is change.

Campus Life The ultimate summer 2020 playlist

Absolutely NOT sorry for party rocking.

Campus Life How to change your life by doing absolutely nothing in quarantine

Do nothing, but with purpose.

Campus Life Navigating life after graduation during a recession and pandemic

No cap—and no gown.

Health & Wellness Everything you need to know about IGNITE's health plan

At IGNITE, we care about your health.

Health & Wellness COVID-19 Updates for Students | July 29

Student-focused COVID-19 updates, directly to you.

Health & Wellness The impact of IGNITE's COVID-19 Emergency Financial Relief Fund (so far)

How we're showing YOU the money.

Campus Life The art of prepping for a new semester—online

Love your life—online.

Campus Life How to fix your quarantine sleep schedule in 6 easy steps

Talk about a snoozefest.

Campus Life The 5 stages of handling online exams

And we thought finals were hard IN PERSON.

Campus Life Students share the biggest lessons they learned this school year

Some serious GROWTH.

Campus Life So, you didn't get a summer internship. Now what?

Keep your head up.

Health & Wellness Community care and why it matters

We're in this together.

Campus Life How you can help the world right now from the comfort of home

Be a good human, just at home.

Campus Life Bullet journalling changed my life—here's how it can help you, too

Overwhelmed by online classes? This is for you.

Campus Life Bored at home? Here's how to keep busy

Tips from your local introvert.

Health & Wellness IGNITE Health and Wellness Survey 2020

You could win one of ten $100 Amazon gift cards

Health & Wellness How to tackle long-distance group work

Is anybody out there?

Health & Wellness IGNITE announces Emergency Financial Relief Fund for students affected by COVID-19

Students first, always.

Campus Life 5 ways to stay active at home

Stay healthy at home.

Health & Wellness How to keep your social life while social distancing

Let's stay connected.

Health & Wellness 5 ways for students to grocery shop smarter

Keep your cart full and your wallet happy.

Health & Wellness Free menstrual products are here to stay at Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber

Stopping stigmas one tampon at a time.

Campus Life 10 thrift shopping tips to score hidden gems like a pro

Pop all the tags, like a pro.

Campus Life The signs as Jameela Jamil quotes

It's written in the stars.

Campus Life That's not love: signs of emotional abuse

Love shouldn't hurt.

Campus Life How to curate a healthy social media feed

It's not you, it's who you follow.

Employment How volunteering can improve your personal and professional life

What are you waiting for?

Campus Life How to treat yourself this February

Chillax mode–on.

Campus Life A love letter to soup

Won't you be my valentine?

Campus Life I tried all-natural skincare for a week--here's what happened

You can do more than just cook with these ingredients.

Health & Wellness Blue Monday: fact or fiction?

The Monday blues just got a little more scientific.

Campus Life Beat the winter blues with these 7 tips

Don't let the winter blues get you down this semester.

Health & Wellness The student guide to a vegan new year

A small change can have a big impact.

Health & Wellness 5 must-haves every student should have in their bags this winter

Protect yourself before you wreck yourself.

Campus Life 20 things I've learned in 20 years

Surviving your twenties in 2020.

Health & Wellness 5 of Dan Levy's funniest moments from Schitt's Creek

We know what you're streaming after this.

Health & Wellness 5 ways you can take advantage of your IGNITE health benefits

Ever had acupuncture?

Campus Life It’s not a race to finish post-secondary

Your journey is personal and unique.

Health & Wellness Say goodbye to stress with these simple tips

"Every little thing is gonna be alright."

Campus Life How counselling helped me and why it can benefit everyone

Counselling works. Here's my story.

Health & Wellness How to recognize impostor syndrome and ultimately overcome it

It can happen to anyone.

Campus Life Pink Shirt Day: My bullying story

I grew stronger from my bullies, and you will too.

Health & Wellness The only smoothie recipes you'll ever need

Let's get blending.

Campus Life Why talking about mental health is so important

You are not alone.

Health & Wellness How to reconstruct your sleep schedule

Sleep like a baby.

Campus Life Humber and UofGH talk New year's Resolutions

New year, new resolutions.

Campus Life 5 products under $10 that will keep your skin happy this winter

Winter’s rough, but your skin doesn’t have to be.

Campus Life Give your memory a boost with these 5 tips

Check out these 5 tips to remember everything from school and beyond.

Campus Life I went zero-waste for a week — here's how I did it

For one week, I broke up with plastic.

Health & Wellness Why self-love is important

Self-love club!

Campus Life 7 natural remedies for cold and flu season

You'll be surprised at what can help!

Campus Life 4 ways to stay healthy on campus

Flex on 'em.

Health & Wellness Budget-friendly summer vacations for students

Ready to go on vacation? We've rounded up the best budget-friendly summer vacations

Health & Wellness 10 books you should read this summer

Here are 10 books you should check out this summer.

Health & Wellness 6 ways to be more eco-friendly

Want to do your part for the planet?

Health & Wellness 5 ways to instantly de-stress

When stress creeps up on you, use these tips to instantly de-stress

Health & Wellness Here's what you need to know about your insurance plan

Here's all that you need to know about your insurance plan

Health & Wellness How to survive an awkward family holiday get-together

Dreading the family get togethers this holiday season? Check out these tips

Campus Life Coping with exam season - advice from Humber and Guelph-Humber students

Check out how students get through exam season

Health & Wellness IGNITE Spotlight: Sleep Lounge

Catch up on some zzz's at IGNITE's Sleep Lounge.

Campus Life Surviving your first year of college and university

School can be overwhelming. That's why we've come up with ways to help you be prepared for the new year.

Campus Life 5 ways to warm up your brain before getting back to class

Check out our tips on how to warm up your brain before you get back to school!

Health & Wellness Best outdoor spots to spend your summer in the GTA

Want to get out more this summer? Check out these great places to spend time outside in the GTA!

Health & Wellness 5 healthy summer dessert recipes

What if you could have your dessert and feel good about it?

Health & Wellness 7 ways to boost your health this summer

Summer is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to take care of yourself.

Campus Life 7 things you MUST do before graduating

Make the most out of your final semester with these suggestions!

Health & Wellness 5 meals that are light in calories and cost

Ditch the ramen and eat healthy on a student budget with these recipes!

Health & Wellness Easy Workouts from your Dorm Room

All you will need is a flat surface.

Campus Life 4 reasons why students need to take breaks

Discover how a few minutes away from your books can make you a better student!

Health & Wellness Staying fit in the winter

Find out how to say no to baggy sweaters and Netflix!

Campus Life 8 tips to keep your New Year's Resolutions

Discover the best way to keep your New Year's Resolution! Check out our top ten list!

Health & Wellness 9 great things to do on your Winter Break

Still trying to figure out your Winter Break plans? We've got 9 suggestions for you!

Health & Wellness I lost 140 Lbs: Here's what that means.

It’s no secret that everybody has wanted to tone up or lose weight. To date I’ve lost 140 lbs. Find out how.

Health & Wellness 5 reasons to see Brryan Jackson: Speaker and mental health activist

Learn more about IGNITE's Real Talk speaker, Brryan Jackson.

Health & Wellness 5 Ways to eat healthy on a student budget

Find out how to balance healthy eating without breaking your budget!