Employment What it’s like starting a PR agency during a global pandemic

Life's a pitch.

Health & Wellness Eight small ways to care for yourself at home

Treat Yo'self!

Campus Life How online learning will contribute to your career success

One step closer to #BossStatus

Campus Life 5 times the human body has amazed us

Channel your inner Mulan and get down to business!

Campus Life Student Spotlight: Sarah Osher

Event planning in a pandemic — what you need to know!

Campus Life How to create 5 of your favourite restaurant dishes at home

From home cook to five-star chef.

Campus Life How to take a break from your computer screen

It’s time to power down and recharge.

Campus Life 5 tips to help you take notes like a pro

The pen always was mightier than the sword.

Campus Life The top 5 things your favourite childhood movies taught you

Lights, camera, action, learning!

Campus Life Justin Kan on the value of community, rejection, and patience

Think like a Twitch founder.

Campus Life Your DivaCup questions — answered

No more question marks. Just periods.

IGNITE The student guide to writing a perfect paper

Making your essays easy.

Campus Life The top eight pop star performances of 2020 so far

BRB, picking my jaw up off the floor.

Campus Life Small investments that'll make your study-from-home life easier

Small changes. Big Impact.

Campus Life Introducing the annual IGNITE Black Excellence Scholarship

It feels good to be excellent

Campus Life The 10 most inspiring "how it started vs how it's going" memes

Started from the bottom...

Campus Life Leadership tips from your Board of Directors

Leaders gotta’ lead.

Campus Life The best of Halloween Tiktok to get you in a spooky mood

Welcome to Halloween Tiktok. Enter at your own risk! 

Campus Life The best early YouTube moments you nearly forgot about

Here’s the rabbit hole you want to go down.

Campus Life Seven steps to mastering online lecture etiquette

The mute button is your friend.

News How IGNITE is prepared to support you in the Fall

Staying home, made better.

Campus Life How gratitude can help you get through a global pandemic

Act locally, think globally.

Campus Life The top Daniel Caesar songs to get you in the feels

Headphones on, problems gone.

Campus Life A complete guide to resetting your sleep schedule

Get snoozin' and groovin'!

Campus Life Anti-Black Racism Roundtable: Episode 9

Your questions, answered.

Campus Life How to ace an online interview

Because you can't shake hands through a screen.

Campus Life I signed up for Skillshare and this is what I learned

Mad skills.

Campus Life Working with IGNITE: A Day in the Life

Give your wallet a boost.

Campus Life The ultimate August event round-up for Humber, UofGH, and beyond

August is like the Sunday of summer, we feel you.

Campus Life Anti-Black Racism Roundtable: Episode 7 and 8

Silence equals compliance equals violence.

Campus Life IGNITE devotes $250,000 to bursaries for international students

Making academia accessible.

Health & Wellness Six financial scam red flags to look out for

Thanks but no thanks, "boss babe".

Campus Life Anti-Black Racism Roundtable: Episode 5 and 6

The fight is far from over.

Campus Life Four Toronto-based musicians to soundtrack your study sessions

Take "notes."

Campus Life 9 upsides to having a remote semester

Every class has a silver lining.

Campus Life At-home art projects for a colourful summer

Alternative title: "Excuses to put glitter on things".

News How to thrive in your job hunt during the pandemic

Creating new opportunities.

Campus Life Anti-Black Racism Roundtable: Episode 3 and 4

A better world is possible.

Campus Life The ultimate GTA photo scavenger hunt

Let's play a game.

Campus Life Why on-campus jobs are great (even virtually)

Get that paycheque. And tons of other great stuff.

Campus Life Eight places you didn't know offer student discounts

Budget-friendly burgers, anyone?

Campus Life How to make your favourite summer treats at home

Summer eatin', had me a blast.

News Anti-Black Racism Roundtable: Episode 1 and 2

Matter is the minimum.

Campus Life The ultimate July event round-up at Humber, UofGH and beyond

Mark your calendars.

Campus Life What to expect at Humber this Fall

Get the facts.

Health & Wellness How to plan the ultimate staycation

Let's not go to the beach, beach, let's not get away.

Campus Life Students share their tried and true money saving tips

Stretch those stacks.

Campus Life IGNITE's Dispute Resolution Clinic wins League 2020 Innovation of the Year Award 

Students solving problems. Literally.

Campus Life Nutrition myths you need to stop believing

Keep your juice cleanses.

Campus Life Get to know your new Lakeshore campus directors

Acing class and taking names.

News How IGNITE is making your student life more affordable

Same perks, lower fees.

Campus Life QUIZ: What hobby should you take up during self-isolation?

Pass the time with a new pastime.

Campus Life Our SECs talk the future of education with Ken Steele

You don't need a fortune teller to learn about the future of education.

Campus Life QUIZ: Which Skillshare course is right for you?

*Olivia Newton-John voice* Let's get quizzical!

Campus Life 5 reasons why you should enter to chat with Canadian Drag Queen, Priyanka

What's her name? Priyanka!

Campus Life Here's why National Indigenous History Month is so important

Uplift Indigenous voices.

Campus Life Why it's important to diversify your feed

Escape your echo chamber.

Campus Life Get to know your new North Campus Directors

Allow them to introduce themselves.

Campus Life Get to know your new Guelph-Humber Directors

At your service.

Campus Life How this Humber alum is paving the way for minority groups as an MPP

Change is on the horizon.

Campus Life 5 on-campus resources that contribute to an inclusive community

What lessens one of us, lessens all of us.

Health & Wellness Life lessons to take from self-isolation

Surviving a historical event should make you rethink some things.

Campus Life I used an app to try making friends while in self-isolation: here's what happened

Tinder, meet your match.

Campus Life How you can celebrate Pride Month with Humber & UofGH

Celebrate pride, from home.

Campus Life How YOU can be an ally

Black Lives Matter.

Campus Life Five ways to put your kitchen scraps to good use

Don't let your waste go to waste.

Campus Life Virtual event round-up for students

Let's get digital.

Campus Life 5 work-from-home outfit tips to stay comfy and productive

Dress to impress (your zoom meeting).

Campus Life Your guide to celebrating pride month indoors

Love always wins.

Campus Life Everything you need to know about IGNITE

Sure–free popcorn is great, but we do so much more.

Campus Life Previous Real Talks guests have a message for students

You have (1) message!

Campus Life Remote interns share their best work-from-home tips

Alexa, play "Work" by Rihanna.

Health & Wellness Top 7 reads for students that aren't textbooks

These just hit different.

IGNITE QUIZ: Which Netflix Original movie you should watch based on your dream summer day

One hundred per cent scientific.

Campus Life Meet your new Student Engagement Coordinators

Feeling engaged?

Campus Life How to make new friends when studying remotely

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Health & Wellness How to handle uncertainty

The only constant is change.

Campus Life Five on-campus services you can still take advantage of from home

Here for you, even at home.

IGNITE Meet your new IGNITE fees

The fees of your future.

Academic Program Representatives Why you should apply to be Guelph-Humber's next APR

Get the 411 from last year's APR's.

News Adulting 101 | Baking at Home

When at home, do as the bakers do.

News A Message from your 2019-20 Executives

Thanks for a wonderful year.

Campus Life How to change your life by doing absolutely nothing in quarantine

Do nothing, but with purpose.

Campus Life Navigating life after graduation during a recession and pandemic

No cap—and no gown.

Campus Life How to celebrate the end of your semester in style

School's out, scream and shout!

News Remember this when you feel like you're falling behind

Trust me, we all feel lost sometimes.

Health & Wellness Everything you need to know about IGNITE's health plan

At IGNITE, we care about your health.

Campus Life 5 LinkedIn learning courses for students to check out this summer

Beat the boredom!

Campus Life Rainn Wilson's message to IGNITE from home

Stop blaming Toby.

Health & Wellness COVID-19 Updates for Students | July 29

Student-focused COVID-19 updates, directly to you.

Campus Life Here's why getting emotionally attached to TV characters is perfectly okay

Your TV-boo obsession is more acceptable than you think.

Campus Life The art of prepping for a new semester—online

Love your life—online.

Campus Life Terry Crews' message to IGNITE from home

The moment we've all been waiting for.

Campus Life How to fix your quarantine sleep schedule in 6 easy steps

Talk about a snoozefest.

Campus Life The 5 stages of handling online exams

And we thought finals were hard IN PERSON.

Campus Life Which TV show should you binge between online classes?

Netflix and chill (at home).

Campus Life Students share the biggest lessons they learned this school year

Some serious GROWTH.

Campus Life So, you didn't get a summer internship. Now what?

Keep your head up.

Campus Life 5 common misconceptions about autism

Embracing neurodiversity.

Campus Life 5 side hustles you should start while self-isolating

Get that bread.

Campus Life How to host the ultimate online study group

Study from the comfort of your bedroom.

Campus Life 5 meals you can make with random pantry finds

Show those old cans the light.

Health & Wellness Community care and why it matters

We're in this together.

Campus Life How you can help the world right now from the comfort of home

Be a good human, just at home.

Campus Life The best celebrity pranks of all time

How did we fall for that one?!

Campus Life Recap: 2020 Annual General Meeting

Everything you need to know.

Campus Life How to file taxes all by yourself

Math not required.

Campus Life Bored at home? Here's how to keep busy

Tips from your local introvert.

Health & Wellness IGNITE Health and Wellness Survey 2020

You could win one of ten $100 Amazon gift cards

News Adulting 101 - Time Management

The time is now.

Health & Wellness How to tackle long-distance group work

Is anybody out there?

News 7 ways to travel the world without leaving your bedroom

All via the world wide web.

Health & Wellness IGNITE announces Emergency Financial Relief Fund for students affected by COVID-19

Students first, always.

Campus Life The foolproof guide to having a productive semester while in self-isolation

For when your bed becomes your cubicle.

Campus Life 5 ways to stay active at home

Stay healthy at home.

Health & Wellness How to keep your social life while social distancing

Let's stay connected.

Campus Life The student guide to networking

A simple 'hello' can make a world of a difference.

Campus Life Lies Hollywood told me about being in college

Lights, camera, FICTION.

News 4 sources for students to get trusted COVID-19 updates

Stay in, but stay informed.

Elections Introducing IGNITE's 2020-2021 Board of Directors

The results are in.

Health & Wellness 5 ways for students to grocery shop smarter

Keep your cart full and your wallet happy.

Elections IGNITE Asks | What makes a great leader?

Your friendly neighbourhood advocates.

Health & Wellness Free menstrual products are here to stay at Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber

Stopping stigmas one tampon at a time.

News Which Hawks sports team should you play on?

Because who doesn't want that cute Hawks merch?

Campus Life 5 apps you need to organize your life

There's an app for that.

Campus Life Which iconic Terry Crews character are you?

Got Nine Nine problems, but Terry Crews ain't one.

Campus Life How your Guelph-Humber Board of Directors candidates want to foster change on campus

Students turned leaders.

Campus Life How your North Board of Directors candidates plan to foster change on campus

Students turned leaders.

Campus Life How your Lakeshore Board of Directors candidates plan to foster change on campus

Students turned leaders.

Campus Life Lessons worth learning from video games

Pac-Man is your new professor.

IGNITE Adulting 101 - Meal Prep

Say goodbye to delivery fees.

Campus Life 5 easy soup recipes you can make any day of the week

The ultimate comfort food.

Employment Canada's influential female leaders and why we need more of them

Here's to strong female leaders!

Campus Life 10 thrift shopping tips to score hidden gems like a pro

Pop all the tags, like a pro.

Campus Life The top 5 buzzer-beaters in basketball history

They're buzzin'.

Employment Didn't land the job? Here's how to survive rejection

A 'no' to you is not a 'no' to your future.

Employment Adulting 101 - What Not to Wear

"No shoulder until they get older."

Employment Employers share their thoughts on tattoos

Read this before getting a face tattoo.

Campus Life North's VP talks diversity on campus

"I love the true honesty and rawness [of my work]."

Campus Life 7 must-haves for a stylish work wardrobe

Dress for the job you want.

Money 8 of the best game-show moments you forgot about

Laughs, chaos and LOTS of money.

Campus Life How these students are enhancing their practical skills at Humber

Taking VSCO edits to the next level.

Campus Life That's not love: signs of emotional abuse

Love shouldn't hurt.

Campus Life Here's why Black History Month is important

Diversity is our strength.

Campus Life How to curate a healthy social media feed

It's not you, it's who you follow.

Money I survived my first semester of college—here's what I learned

We did it! But how?

Campus Life 10 best podcasts to listen to on your commute

Commuting doesn’t have to be boring!

Campus Life The 6 most iconic photo booth moments in history

Oh, snap.

Employment How volunteering can improve your personal and professional life

What are you waiting for?

Campus Life How to treat yourself this February

Chillax mode–on.

Elections Spotlight: IGNITE Board of Directors - Lakeshore

Meet the students who make IGNITE happen.

Employment The importance of a first impression

Uh, did I just say that?

Campus Life Which Super Smash Bros. character are you?

Kirby, is that you?

Campus Life I tried all-natural skincare for a week--here's what happened

You can do more than just cook with these ingredients.

Campus Life Street Styles: January edition

Bundle up with these killer looks!

IGNITE Everything you missed from IGNITE's Special Meeting of the Members

You may want to read this.

Health & Wellness Blue Monday: fact or fiction?

The Monday blues just got a little more scientific.

Clubs Movies you had no idea were filmed at Lakeshore

Lakeshore and chill?

Campus Life Chatting food, success, and giving back with Serge Ibaka

Shooting hoops ain't the only trick up his sleeve.

Campus Life Beat the winter blues with these 7 tips

Don't let the winter blues get you down this semester.

Health & Wellness The student guide to a vegan new year

A small change can have a big impact.

Health & Wellness 5 must-haves every student should have in their bags this winter

Protect yourself before you wreck yourself.

Campus Life How to actually stick to a workout routine in 2020

It's gym time!

Campus Life 20 things I've learned in 20 years

Surviving your twenties in 2020.

Campus Life 6 ways to settle into the new semester

Let's get back to business.

Campus Life 3 things to know about NBA superstar Serge Ibaka

More than just basketball.

Campus Life 5 tips every transfer student should know

You can never be too prepared.

News Your sustainable gift-giving guide for a stress-free holiday season

Put down the gift card.

Campus Life What you need to know about Canada's National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence Against Women

This issue affects us all.

Campus Life 5 festive things to do for the holidays in Toronto

These activities will warm your heart.

Campus Life What you need on your holiday binge watch list

Snacks out, Netflix on.

Campus Life Why I didn't participate in Black Friday this year

The best deal is buying nothing at all.

Campus Life Dan Levy on the Canadian film industry and working with family

Get to know Dan Levy.

News Student Spotlight: Alyssa Tess

"Go for it with your whole heart and all your energy."

Campus Life DRC debunks: How to deal with roommate problems

You don't have to do it alone.

Campus Life IGNITE student staff share their top tips for landing an internship

You can do this!

Campus Life Antoni Porowski on fame, food, and feeling good

Try not to squeal, okay?

Campus Life One Humber student shares their wildest Sleep Lounge dreams

How bizarre are your dreams?

News 5 exam study hacks that actually work

No more late-night crams.

Campus Life Here's everything I learned from Rob Carrick's presentation on personal finance


Campus Life This Humber alum is making space for women in comedy

Find out what it takes to do stand-up.

Employment 5 things we learned from IGNITE's fall LinkedIn Local

Future skills development at its finest.

Campus Life 10 Humber students confess the dumbest things they've spent money on

You'll probably feel a lot better after reading this.

Campus Life The 5 skills you need to get ahead in life

Do you have what it takes?

Campus Life 5 mouthwatering recipes from Antoni Porowski's new cookbook

Put the frozen pizza away.

Campus Life Humber and Guelph-Humber students show us how they decorate their dorms

Turn over a new leaf.

Campus Life The best places around campus to spice up your Instagram feed this fall

They're closer than you think.

Health & Wellness 5 of Dan Levy's funniest moments from Schitt's Creek

We know what you're streaming after this.

Campus Life Street Styles: Halloween 2019

A little rain ain't bringing me down.

Campus Life 5 YouTube rabbit holes to go down while procrastinating

This most definitely is a waste of time.

News Fall 2019 Street Styles

It's sweater weather.

Campus Life 6 ways to stand out on LinkedIn as a student

Give your profile a much-needed boost.

Campus Life Your guide to making this the best reading week yet

Do more.

Campus Life What does your favourite soup say about your personality?

Get souper excited.

News This Guelph-Humber student spent 4 months studying across the pond

"Over there, I realized that I’m capable of so much more than I ever thought."

Campus Life Frosh 2019 Street Styles: Paint Party Edition

Paint, but make it fashion.

Campus Life The 6 best apps to keep you organized this year

A productive student is a happy student.

Health & Wellness 5 ways you can take advantage of your IGNITE health benefits

Ever had acupuncture?

News 11 ways to make this school year your most sustainable yet

The VSCO girls are onto something.

Campus Life Top 5 Toronto thrift stores for students on a budget

Thrift the look for less.

Campus Life 8 essential secrets all first-year students should know

If you don't know, now you know.

Campus Life Best on-campus resources for first-year students 

Great tips that will help you through the year.

Campus Life What would Humber and UofGH students do if they won IGNITE's $1000 contest?

In need of some change?

Campus Life 10 commuter tips for this back-to-school season

It's easier than you think.

Campus Life What’s the best streaming service for students?

Find out which streaming service is right for you!

Campus Life Your guide to getting yourself ready for back to school

Are you ready, kids?

Campus Life Tips and tricks for buying your textbooks this semester

Take a page out of someone else's book - literally.

Campus Life 4 trends to add to your back-to-school shopping list

Start your school year in style.

Campus Life 8 side-hustles to start this summer

Everyday I'm hustlin'.

Employment Tips for dressing for your internship when the summer heat hits

Step away from the flip-flops.

Campus Life 8 LGBTQ+ activists to recognize this Pride Month

Loud and proud.

Campus Life The best ice cream spots near campus and beyond

I scream, you scream...

Campus Life Hidden gem coffee shops around Lakeshore Campus

Stir up your daily grind.

Campus Life Fun ways to stay active this summer without hopping on a treadmill

Sweat it out this summer!

Campus Life The most underrated characters in Game of Thrones

Did your favourites make the cut?

News 10 unique summer date ideas

Ditch the movie night.

Campus Life The best new movies to watch over summer break

Like you needed an excuse to get popcorn.

News What working in public relations in Toronto is really like

Leave your ego at the door.

Campus Life The best vegan restaurants you need to check out this summer

You won't miss meat after visiting these restaurants..

News Why you shouldn't forget the sunscreen on your next vacation

Lather up.

News 10 Toronto spots to get your patio season on this summer

Sip the summer away.

Campus Life 5 dog-friendly places in Toronto to check out with your best friend

It's a dog's world.

News How to actually learn to love yourself

"You are your home."

News 5 artists you didn't know about on campus

"Art Attack!"

News 5 cheap getaways to take with your besties after finals

Save up those paycheques.

News Here are 3 spring-inspired meal prep ideas for breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Start spring preppin'.

Campus Life Erasing the stigma: Why YOU should be a feminist

Girl PWR.

Campus Life It’s not a race to finish post-secondary

Your journey is personal and unique.

IGNITE How working at IGNITE has changed my life

Thank you, IGNITE.

Campus Life 15 things you need to declutter right now for spring

Make Marie Kondo proud.

Health & Wellness Say goodbye to stress with these simple tips

"Every little thing is gonna be alright."

Campus Life What's in my bag this spring

Look inside my purse.

Campus Life In Our Headphones: Vol. 10

Oldies but goodies, made new again.

Employment Take the fear out of job hunting with these 6 tips

Get it.

Campus Life Navigating the patriarchy with YouTuber Jouelzy

Throw patriarchy away!

Campus Life 6 tips to brand yourself

Influence in the right way.

Employment 6 tips for making a great resume

Let's get that interview.

Campus Life 5 things you never knew you could claim for taxes

Death and Taxes.

Campus Life Finding success in a male dominated industry: Phoebe Robinson's story

The podcast queen tells all.

Campus Life Cool new stuff you can watch on Netflix in March

Get your streaming fix.

Campus Life 7 networking tips to land your dream job

Here's the tea on networking.

Campus Life How counselling helped me and why it can benefit everyone

Counselling works. Here's my story.

Campus Life The 5 spring fashion essentials you need

Ring in springtime in style.

News Influential women celebrate International Women's Day with IGNITE

They're leaving their mark.

News Meet Your 2019-2020 IGNITE Execs

The results are in.

Health & Wellness How to recognize impostor syndrome and ultimately overcome it

It can happen to anyone.

Campus Life March Horoscopes for Students

What lies ahead for you?

Campus Life Pink Shirt Day: My bullying story

I grew stronger from my bullies, and you will too.

Campus Life The 5 inexpensive essentials you need to survive being a student

These essentials will make your life SO much easier.

Campus Life 4 things to do in Toronto during reading week

Guaranteed to be more fun than studying.

Campus Life Top 10 street murals in Toronto to check out on reading week

Get some colour back in your life.

Campus Life 5 tasty meals from 5 different countries to try this week

Say goodbye to overpriced caf food.

Campus Life A seasoned media expert’s advice to students: A chat with Matte Babel

Get the tea from the man himself.

News Van Lathan's advice for overcoming adversity

He's putting it straight.

Campus Life 5 women who fought for racial justice and what they taught us

The recognition these women rightfully deserve.

Campus Life Cute date ideas under $50 for Valentine's Day in the GTA

Save that money.

News Student Spotlight: Rwinkle Gill

"There is so much darkness in space, but also so much light."

Campus Life 5 ways to brighten your day this winter

Just chill.

News We need to stop romanticizing Joe on Netflix's show YOU

We get it, he's dreamy. But maybe find a different character to crush on.

Campus Life Let's chat transit

Is it really that bad?

Campus Life On Monday we're marching for your rights and we want YOU to join us

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Campus Life How one Humber department is changing the way we think about sustainability

The world needs a change, and they're making it happen.

IGNITE How Doug Ford's OSAP cuts could cost me my degree

Here are just a few ways Ford's OSAP changes detrimentally affect student success.

News Born in the Philippines, making it in Canada

Emmalyn Giray is a shining example of perseverance.

Campus Life Frost 2019: Interview with DC Young Fly

DC Young Fly brings the LOLs to IGNITE.

Campus Life Frost 2019: Interview with Justina Valentine

Justina Valentine shows us that women CAN do anything.

News Student Spotlight: Madelyn Crowther


Campus Life Winter Street Styles

Fashionable AND warm?

Health & Wellness The only smoothie recipes you'll ever need

Let's get blending.

Campus Life Why talking about mental health is so important

You are not alone.

Campus Life 5 under-the-radar coffee shops you need to try right now in Toronto

You'll love these café's a latte.

Health & Wellness How to reconstruct your sleep schedule

Sleep like a baby.

Campus Life Humber and UofGH talk New year's Resolutions

New year, new resolutions.

Campus Life 5 products under $10 that will keep your skin happy this winter

Winter’s rough, but your skin doesn’t have to be.

Campus Life Your guide to being an organized student in 2019

Now's the time.

Campus Life What's in my bag this winter?

Look inside.

Campus Life 5 amazing books to read over the holidays

Looking for new reading material? Check out my top 5 favourite books to read over the holidays.

News SPOTLIGHT: LGBTQ+ Resource Centre

Safer, braver, and positive spaces are here for you.

Campus Life Give your memory a boost with these 5 tips

Check out these 5 tips to remember everything from school and beyond.

Campus Life I went zero-waste for a week — here's how I did it

For one week, I broke up with plastic.

Campus Life The best way to make change in your program

Are you interested in changing your program for the better? Here's how!

Campus Life 4 cozy meals you can make for under $20

Keep that stomach full for less.

Campus Life 8 random acts of kindness you can do to make someone's day

It's better to give than to receive.

News How to survive winter on a budget

Stay warm, for less.

Campus Life In Our Headphones Vol. 4

Here is a roundup of the best study songs!

News This Humber grad puts the University of Toronto in front page news

Larysa Woloszansky is a modern media expert.

Health & Wellness Why self-love is important

Self-love club!

News What it's like to be a transgender student in 2018

"Be strong, be patient, be kind."

Campus Life In Our Headphones Vol. 3

Alternative beats to start your week.

Campus Life 7 helpful resources for international students

A little help can make student life a lot easier.

Campus Life Top 5 accessibility changes students want to see on campus

Students want change. And they're ready to talk about it.

Campus Life This Humber alumni earned three degrees before turning 30

This Humber alum's education and career path both started at Humber

Campus Life How to choose your BEST course schedule yet

Make this semester different.

IGNITE IGNITE Halloween Party 2018 Recap

Re-live Halloween.

News November Street Styles

The weather may be cold but the looks are HOT.

Campus Life 10 quotes from powerful women on overcoming adversity

Remember their words when times get tough.

Campus Life I went to the Toronto Vintage Crawl and here's what happened

Old is in. And it's here to stay.

Campus Life In Our Headphones: Vol. 1

A weekly Spotify playlist chosen by students.

News Halloween Street Styles

"I'm a mouse, duh!"

Campus Life 5 tips for surviving a group project

Help is on the way.

Campus Life Lakeshore students dish on the best eats in the area

The word is out.

News Why this single mother came to Humber to change her life

She appears to be your average mature student, but she suffers daily with an invisible illness.

Campus Life 7 natural remedies for cold and flu season

You'll be surprised at what can help!

Campus Life 9 DIY Halloween costume ideas

It's that time of year again.

News Fall Street Styles

All those fall vibes.

Campus Life 6 awesome activities you can do for FREE between classes

The perks of being a student.

Campus Life 5 secret tips I live by to ace essays

Follow these 5 tips for the best essay ever!

Campus Life 5 ways you can use your IGNITE bursary

Spend smart!

Campus Life Food insecurity is affecting Humber and UofGH students — so we launched a soupbar.

It fed over 800 students in the first week.

Campus Life Humber students share tips for saving money at school

Keep more of your hard-earned cash.

Campus Life 7 fun ways to get involved on campus

And no they're not all clubs.

Campus Life I tried 6 study apps — here's what happened

I tested out 6 awesome study apps so you don't have to!

Campus Life A guide to coping with midterms

IGNITE knows best.

Campus Life Ultimate Friendsgiving Guide

Holidays are better with friends.

Campus Life 5 feelings you get during midterms

"I work better under pressure, though."

Campus Life 5 ways to save money on campus

No need to break your piggy bank for this one!

Campus Life Things I wish I knew before starting college

See what students are saying.

Campus Life 10 residence life hacks you need to know

Hack the res life with these 10 tips.

Campus Life 4 ways to stay healthy on campus

Flex on 'em.

Campus Life Frosh Interviews: Smokepurpp & MadeinTYO

Smokepurpp and MadeinTYO spill all things music, careers, and life in general.

IGNITE Meet your UofGH Academic Program Representatives

Meet the people behind the program.

News Back to School Street Styles

New year, new you.

Campus Life The 5 types of people you meet in college

Which one are you?

Campus Life 5 thoughts you have going back to school

Excitement, stress, and fear? Must be a new school year.

Campus Life Your checklist for the first day of class

First days aren't so bad.

Campus Life Back to school shopping on a budget

In style and on budget.

Campus Life 5 feelings you get when you're stuck in school over the summer

Denial, anger, bargaining...

Health & Wellness Budget-friendly summer vacations for students

Ready to go on vacation? We've rounded up the best budget-friendly summer vacations

Campus Life Graduation day checklist

3. Practice tossing your hat in the air.

News Gala Street Styles

Glamour, gold, and glitter! Check out the hottest looks from Gala 2018.

Health & Wellness 10 books you should read this summer

Here are 10 books you should check out this summer.

IGNITE Interview with Hasan Minhaj

No, he's not Nicki Minaj's brother.

Health & Wellness 6 ways to be more eco-friendly

Want to do your part for the planet?

Campus Life Humber and UofGH talk exam coping strategies

Don't worry - you'll be free in no time!

Campus Life Humber and UofGH students talk summer plans

Grab your summer essentials: shades, sunscreen, and some sandals!

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Achieve your financial goals with these tips

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Check out the most funniest Hasan Minhaj moments!

IGNITE How to use tax season to your advantage

Taxes don't have to be scary - here's how you can own them.

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Every student needs to know these 5 things about their taxes

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Stuck in the job hunt? Check out these 6 tips to stand out!

Campus Life Ultimate Final Exam Study Guide

In no time that sweet summer freedom will be all yours. First, you will need to conquer those finals.

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Check out what Humber and GH students are wearing for the month of March!

Campus Life Here are IGNITE's 2018/2019 execs

Find out who will be IGNITE's newest execs!

News Interview with Iskra Lawrence

From Ted Talks to catwalks, Iskra Lawrence is making big changes in fashion.

Campus Life Interview with Sophia Bush

Check out what Sophia Bush had to say on personal growth, social media, and more

News Iskra Lawrence is coming to campus - 6 reasons to get excited

Feel all the self-love with Iskra Lawrence.

News 4 reasons to see to Sophia Bush at Real Talks

Actress, philanthropist and businesswoman Sophia Bush is coming to Humber. Here are four reasons to see her speak.

News Dayna Kenworthy - Student Profile

Meet Dayna, a fourth year Guelph-Humber student running her own business in the cosplay industry

News Jake Bowen - Artistic Profile

We had the opportunity to sit and talk with Jake Bowen and learn about his perspective about pursuing art as a career

News 7 ways to quit your social media addiction

Social media addiction is real. Here's how to stop it.

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Feeling a little down? Here are 6 ways to help boost your mood!

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Looking to make some extra cash? Check out these unconventional ways to make money

Employment 7 tips for a stand-out resume

Applying for jobs? No need to panic. With these tips your resume will be on point.

News School lunches: the easiest bring-to-school eats

Spend a little extra time and save a lot of money on these easy bring-to-school eats.

Campus Life February Street Styles

It may be the shortest and coldest month, but students still managed to light up the hallways.

News 5 tips for finding the perfect internship

Here's how to find the perfect internship

Money 4 tips for a budget-friendly Valentine's Day

Looking to save this Valentine's Day? We've got some tips to help you out

News Chloe Rowe - Athletic Profile

Being an athlete, coach, and student can be tough and Chloe Rowe has been through it all. We got a chance to sit down with Chloe and hear about her experience.

News Interview with Dalton Higgins

Learn more about Dalton Higgins, the man behind the mic.

News Interview with Charlamagne tha God

Honesty really is the best policy, find out why from Charlamagne tha God.

Health & Wellness 5 ways to instantly de-stress

When stress creeps up on you, use these tips to instantly de-stress

News How to deal with winter burnout

Reignite your motivation!

News Alana Andrade — Student Profile

"Even if you're not completely sure of your voice or aesthetic or whatever it may be, start creating and let yourself refine things as you go."

Campus Life IGNITE execs tell-all: advice, projects, and why they love their role

Ever wondered what it's like to be an IGNITE exec? We sat down with the execs to learn more about their roles and how they're helping students.

News What do YOU want from student leaders?

What's in a leader? You tell us!

Health & Wellness Here's what you need to know about your insurance plan

Here's all that you need to know about your insurance plan

News Frost Street Styles

Brrrr, check out these ice cold looks from IGNITE's 2018 Frost event!

News Pads & Tampons Project - What are students saying?

It's time to speak up about menstruation!

Campus Life Starting school in the winter? 5 things to keep in mind

Starting school? You'll want to keep a few of these tips on your mind

News What would YOU change on campus?

Your voice matters, and we want it to be heard.

News The ultimate student study guide

Learn how to study effectively and efficiently.

News 6 tips to (actually) keep your New Year's resolutions

New year, new you. It’s official — we’ve made it to another year! The fireworks have ended and all that’s left is that nagging voice reminding us to actually stick to…

News IGNITE asks students how they're spending their winter break

The holidays are all about fun, family, friends, and sleep. Lots of sleep.

News IGNITE Spotlight: Pads & Tampons Project

We need tampons just as much as toilet paper!

News 5 reasons you should run in IGNITE's elections

Want to run in elections, but aren't sure? Here are 5 reasons why you should!

News December Street Styles

Humber and Guelph-Humber students show off their winter outfits in this edition of Street Styles.

News How to set realistic New Year's resolutions

Check out these tips for setting realistic New Year's resolutions

News 7 ways to make the most of a shortened winter break

In between Netflix binges, try crossing some of these off your list!

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Take a deep breath and let's get studying!

Health & Wellness How to survive an awkward family holiday get-together

Dreading the family get togethers this holiday season? Check out these tips

Campus Life Coping with exam season - advice from Humber and Guelph-Humber students

Check out how students get through exam season

News How to practice Mindfulness: tips to help bring calm to your life

Breathe in. Breathe out.

News 8 tips for gift-giving on a budget

8 tips to keep your holiday gift budget in check!

News Introduction to Mindfulness

Learn how to deal with stress and negative thoughts by practising mindfulness.

Campus Life 5 ways to stay active around Humber and UofGH this winter

The cold weather is here and it's time to get a move on

News Meal-prepping: a guide to everything you need to know

Meal-prepping isn't as hard as you think, and we've got the tools to help you!

News 7 ways to kill time in-between classes at Humber and Guelph-Humber

Here are some fun ways to kill time in-between classes on campus.

News Student Money: how to reduce your student debt

Master the art of adulting by getting a handle on your student debt.

Campus Life Faculty Strike: Here's what students had to say

Students had a lot to say about the strike, check out what their opinions were

News Jordan Alamilla - Artistic Profile

We got a chance to sit down and chat with Humber artist Jordan Alamilla about his inspiration, experience, and future aspirations.

Campus Life Student Money: how do you save at school?

Check out how these students save money while on campus

Health & Wellness IGNITE Spotlight: Sleep Lounge

Catch up on some zzz's at IGNITE's Sleep Lounge.

News 5 tips for throwing an epic Friendsgiving

Add in a friendsgiving to you calendar ASAP

Campus Life Ali Badderdine - Student Profile

BlackGold Cafe owner and Humber student Ali Badderdine provides tips and tricks to owning a business.

News Meet your 2017- 2018 Guelph-Humber Academic Program Reps

Guelph-Humber Academic Program Representatives are here to make GH students’ voices heard!

News Fall Street Styles

So let me hooo-ooo-ooold both your hands in the holes of my sweater.

News Study tips to ace your midterms

Have confidence going into midterms with these 4 study tips!

News 5 must-know tips to stay on track this year

School is tough; we can help you through it.

Campus Life 5 ways to save money at school

Who wants to save more money???

Contests 5 ridiculous ways to spend $5,000

#4. Using reclaimed lumber and various recycled materials you can create your own off-the-grid hobbit house.

Campus Life IGNITE Frosh 2017 Recap

Take a look at our video of FROSH 2017

News Fit and frugal: a guide to staying healthy on a student budget

Check out our 7 tips on how to stay healthy on a budget!

News QUIZ: What kind of roommate are you?

Between dirty dishes, laundry piles, and late-night guests, living with roommates can be a lot to put up with.

News Street Styles: Frosh edition

Check out some of the best looks from Frosh

Campus Life Frosh 2017: Interview with Lil Yachty

From facing rejection, to college and staying true to yourself, we got to hear what Lil Yachty had to say.

Campus Life Catching up with Caked Up: Frosh 2017

From smashing EDM misconceptions to having barrier free relationships with fans, Caked Up opens up to IGNITE

News Here's why you should become a UofGH Program Rep

Make a change in your school by becoming a Guelph-Humber Academic Program Representative.

Campus Life 6 reasons you should go to IGNITE Frosh

Lil Yachty only needs "One Night". You only need 6 reasons to join the fun.

News 5 tips for beating the back-to-school blues

Sharpen those pencils - school is back in session

News IGNITE - Just Like You

Ready for the new school year? We are. From exhilarating events to invaluable services, we have your back. IGNITE is made up of students just like you.

Campus Life 9 must-know Humber & GH secrets for first-year students

Hidden tips and secrets to rise above the rest.

Campus Life 5 ways to warm up your brain before getting back to class

Check out our tips on how to warm up your brain before you get back to school!

News 6 Instagram-worthy spots in Toronto

These 6 places should be on your Instagram must-shoot list!

News 6 places to check out in and around Toronto this summer

The staples of our city that deserve a visit this summer.

Campus Life Humber & Guelph-Humber students talk life as a summer intern

"My advice to others would be to ask as many questions as possible and try and get involved in as many things as possible."

IGNITE 7 tips for off-campus house hunting

Some useful tips when finding a house for the school year.

News Best places to spend Canada Day in Ontario

Canada turns 150 years old in 2017! Here are the best locations to celebrate Canada Day in Ontario this year.

Health & Wellness Best outdoor spots to spend your summer in the GTA

Want to get out more this summer? Check out these great places to spend time outside in the GTA!

Campus Life Best places to take photos on campus

Looking for that perfect candid photo op? Check out the best places to take grad photos on campus!

Campus Life What to wear to graduation

Check out our tips on what to wear to graduation!

Campus Life IGNITE 2016/2017 Video Yearbook

Another turning point...

Health & Wellness 5 healthy summer dessert recipes

What if you could have your dessert and feel good about it?

News Adjusting to life after graduation

Check out our tips on adjusting to life after graduation!

Health & Wellness 7 ways to boost your health this summer

Summer is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to take care of yourself.

IGNITE Summer travel on a budget

What if I were to tell you that you can actually travel on a budget?

Campus Life Bad grades: students tell all

If you did the best that you possibly could, you're already winning.

News 6 places to visit after graduation

Thinking about going on a trip after graduation? Check out some of these places!

IGNITE Melissa Krikke - Student Profile

In a lot of ways i'm super grateful to be working while still learning more everyday.

Campus Life 5 tips for talking to your prof

Need help talking to your prof? We've got you covered!

News Warren Gordon - Student Profile

“There’s already a Ryan Seacrest- so why don’t you try being yourself?” Warren Gordon is in his first year of the Radio Broadcasting Program at Humber College – North. He…

Campus Life Interview with Arlene Dickinson

You are going to move this country forward, find out why and how from Arlene.

Health & Wellness 5 meals that are light in calories and cost

Ditch the ramen and eat healthy on a student budget with these recipes!

Campus Life Interview with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Find out what Kaitlyn told us about gaining self-confidence and more!

News 8 great women from Humber and Guelph-Humber

Check out what some of the amazing women who've attended Humber or Guelph-Humber are up to!

News C.J. Bennett - Athletic Profile

It's college; it's a completely different game.

IGNITE IGNITE Spotlight: Games Room

Are you looking for an escape from reality, but don't want to leave campus? Check out the Games Room!

News Marko Stojanovic - Artistic Profile

If it really is your passion, you'll push through.

Health & Wellness Easy Workouts from your Dorm Room

All you will need is a flat surface.

Employment 7 networking tips for students

Have someone in mind that you want to network with? Find our how to get their attention with our 7 networking tips!

News Amber Bechard - Athletic Profile

"If you get knocked down, get back up"

Campus Life Interview with Suli Breaks

Life is full of graduations so make the most of the experiences you're currently going through.

News Street Styles: Winter Edition

The changing styles of Humber and Guelph-Humber students this winter semester.

Campus Life 5 students talk about their first year experience at Humber

5 First year students tell us their impressions after their first semester on campus.

News Tresor Gray - Artistic Profile

"Just try and find your own thing and that will work."

Campus Life Renting tips for students

Check out our tips for renting as a student!

Health & Wellness Staying fit in the winter

Find out how to say no to baggy sweaters and Netflix!

News Eli Beauvais - Student Profile Pt. 2

"There's nothing wrong with just being yourself"

IGNITE Winter Orientation Street Styles

"I'm from Jamaica and this is my first Canadian winter, so it's gonna to be a new experience in style for me and i'm looking forward to it."

Campus Life Starting school in January? 6 Things to keep in mind.

Check out our tips if you're starting school this winter!

News Elijah Beauvais - Student Profile

"There's nothing wrong with just being yourself"

Campus Life Best of Humber & GH Holiday Traditions

It's always fun to share pieces of culture with each other and hear about the traditions that are cherished in different people's households.

Campus Life 7 browser hacks to survive finals

We compiled a list of some of our favourite browser extensions for busy students; take a look.

News Gerardo Magno - Athletic Profile

"Humber Athletics is a big family. Just being able to say that after 5 years I feel like it was worth it."

News Drew Yorke's advice for aspiring photographers

For aspiring photographers, Instagrammers, and content creators...

Campus Life Where do you study best? 10 students tell IGNITE

Find out where students like to study!

News 5 ways to stay awake (without coffee)

Find out how you can get through those long days without coffee.

News Study tips for students

Your mind will be in a good place if your body is in the right space.

News Drew Yorke-Slader - Artistic Profile

"It's about getting yourself in a position where something exciting is going to happen."

News Tips on how to get better sleep

College students are one of the most sleep-deprived populations, sleep deprivation in students has been linked to lower GPAs because sleep affects concentration, memory and the ability to learn.

Campus Life International Students talk biggest Humber and GH surprises

Learn what Humber International students had to say about what their biggest surprises at Humber were!

Health & Wellness I lost 140 Lbs: Here's what that means.

It’s no secret that everybody has wanted to tone up or lose weight. To date I’ve lost 140 lbs. Find out how.

IGNITE Landlord horror stories

Its really annoying, you would think that your landlord is supposed to help with these issues, especially the mechanical ones, its just upsetting.

News Shelby Travers - Student Profile

Meet Shelby and her guide dog, Frances.

IGNITE 5 Best places to sleep on campus

Check out our suggestions of places to take a quick nap on campus!

Campus Life The Haunted History of Lakeshore Campus

Discover the chilling history of the Lakeshore campus, and stories of how souls of the past may still be roaming the college grounds!

News Jake Thomson - Athletic Profile

There's this myth that distance runners aren't supposed to lift weights, but that's wrong. Listen to your coaches...

IGNITE Interview with Real Talks speaker, Brryan Jackson

Find out more about Brryan Jackson's life, and his mission to inspire others.

News Takeisha Ball - Artistic Profile

They say the only way to get over your fear is to do it...

Campus Life Grad photos: do's and don'ts

Make sure your grad photos are nothing short of perfect with these tips!

Health & Wellness 5 reasons to see Brryan Jackson: Speaker and mental health activist

Learn more about IGNITE's Real Talk speaker, Brryan Jackson.

IGNITE Brett Dalton's advice for students

It can be a lot of fun if it’s something you truly love, thankfully I’ve found something I love and I get paid to do it. I truly believe that hard work beats raw talent.

Health & Wellness 5 Ways to eat healthy on a student budget

Find out how to balance healthy eating without breaking your budget!

IGNITE Brett Dalton Interview pt. 1

Brett Dalton is one of Hollywood’s most promising young actors, and he also happened to be IGNITE Comic Expo’s special guest this year! Brett is well known for his starring…

News Comic Expo Street Styles

Check out some of the best costumes from this year's Comic Expo!

Money Back-to-school money saving tips

Find out how you can save money this school year by following our 6 simple tips!

IGNITE Frosh 2016: Interview with Boi-1da

Find out what this Grammy-winning producer has to say on Toronto rappers and the best piece of advice he has for students today.

Campus Life Roommate Survival Guide

Bad roommates might just be a result of bad communication.


Here at IGNITE, we’ve spent the entire summer brainstorming ways to add plenty of pizzazz to your year.

Employment 5 reasons you should become a Guelph-Humber Program Rep

Be a leader and invest in yourself. Apply now.