Hey Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today!

How cool is technology?

I mean, you can take a final exam and then immediately attend a concert—all without leaving your spot on the couch. You can connect with new people and build a business from your bedroom. You can travel the world entirely through a screen!

Heart-shaped glasses showing different landscapes.

And, thanks to technology, you can attend some exhilarating summer activities from anywhere while staying COVID-safe.

And we’re here to make it all even easier. Here are eight upcoming virtual events that’ll spice up your summer safely:

1. Comedy Crossing


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Ah, Animal Crossing and virtual comedy shows – two self-isolation lifesavers. Imagine what would happen if you combined them!

Well, turns out, you don’t have to – comedian and writer Jenny Yang already did. Comedy Crossing: The Animal Crossing virtual comedy show is a monthly standup set hosted in everyone’s favourite pastel-hued video game. But, you don’t have to have an island to join in the fun – just RSVP on Eventbrite and you’ll be sent a link to watch the show on Zoom.

The next two installments of Comedy Crossing will be held on Friday, May 7 and Friday, June 4. Admission is free – but, if you have a few dollars to spare, you can make a donation through Venmo to tip performers and support the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

2. Everbloom Music Festival


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If you’re still building your summer playlist, allow the Everbloom Music Festival to lend you a hand. Hosted by the Toronto-based nonprofit, Waveland, this free digital jam sesh features some of Canada’s top hip-hop and R&B artists.

The 2021 Everbloom Music Festival is at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 30. Snag your spot on Happin to see artists like Malaika Khadijaa, Zenesoul and Melo Griffith shine in the spotlight!

3. Pride Book Club


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Do you like to read? Are you a member—or an ally—of the LGBTQ2s+ community? Then this is the virtual event for you!

Held by Brampton Library and Moyo Health & Community Services, the Pride Book Club brings readers together to discuss books with queer themes, written by queer authors. Titles up for exploration this summer include Crosshairs by Catherine Hernandez, on Tuesday, May 18, and Romance in Marseille by Claude McKay on Tuesday, June 15.

You can use your own copy of these novels or pick one up through Brampton Library’s curbside pickup service. Then, RSVP to the book club through Eventbrite to convene and connect with fellow readers!

4. Brooklyn Film Festival


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While you wait for this year’s TIFF, in September, you can feed your need for films at the virtual Brooklyn Film Festival (BFF). This year’s theme is “The Clearing”—encouraging the release of pain and anger caused by self-isolation.

From Friday, May 28 to Sunday, June 6, the BFF grants you exclusive access to 140 independent films by creators from around the world. Plus, since it’s virtual, you don’t have to worry about lines, crowds or that one person in every movie theatre who seems to think it’s appropriate to text during the show.

Tickets for the BFF range from $4 to $24, depending on the level of access they allow. Snag yours on the BFF website and stay up-to-date with this year’s lineup by following the festival on Twitter and Instagram!

5. Virtual fitness classes

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If the summer sun has you missing movement, the Humber Athletics team has your back (and your arms, and your legs, and your glutes).

Humber’s Department of Athletics and Recreation holds free virtual fitness classes for students through Zoom and Instagram Live every weekday. They cover everything from yoga to HIIT – so however you like to get your blood pumping, you can find a class that works for you.

You can check out this month’s schedule and access these virtual events through the Humber Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre (SWAC) website.

6. Luminato Festival

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Calling all art lovers! This virtual event celebrates some of Toronto’s best up-and-coming creatives through the development of performance pieces, digital media and visual arts. 

This year’s festival, affectionately dubbed a “love letter to Toronto,” will consist of a series of videos and virtual experiences throughout June. You can watch as artists innovate the future of their crafts – no tickets necessary.

For updates about the Luminato Festival, including when and where to tune in, head to their website. Alternatively, you can contribute to the cutting edge of creativity (and elevate your resume) by volunteering at the Luminato Festival’s virtual events.

7. Makeup Masterclass

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Nothing screams summer like a bronze-y, glowy beat. And, you can perfect yours at this free virtual contour and highlight workshop hosted by Smashbox Cosmetics!

That’s right: the brand behind the holy grail of (vegan!) face primers is helping you up your blending game just in time to snap the perfect summer selfies.

The next installment of the Smashbox Cosmetics Masterclass is happening over Zoom on Saturday, May 1 at 3 p.m. EST in English and at 6 p.m. EST in Spanish. Admission is free, but spots are limited – so don’t wait to claim yours on Eventbrite!

Your cheekbones will thank you.

8. Science Rendezvous

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Technology makes virtual events possible – but how does it work? Who makes it? What might it become? What might it make people become?

Thanks to Science Rendezvous, you can find out.

This free family-friendly virtual science fair is going live from 9 a.m. to midnight EST on Saturday, May 8. Working solo, or with a team of people from your household, you can travel digitally across the country to various event sites where you’ll see stage shows, robotics demonstrations, large-scale experiments and experience virtual reality – no registration required. Plus, along the way, you can answer trivia about what you learn to compete against your peers for points!

If you can’t spare all day, but still want to join in the discovery, you can pop into whichever virtual events from the Science Rendezvous lineup sound most appealing to you. We’re not biased—*wink*—but we recommend checking out UofGH’s virtual, interactive space mission simulation.

To infinity and beyond!

In-person socialization gets more feasible by the day – but it’s not a reality yet. Luckily, pandemic safety and summer fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive. All it takes is a little creativity, a little ingenuity and – of course – a little technology.

What’s a virtual event without refreshments? Here’s how you can make your favourite summer treats from home.

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