Everyday I’m hustlin’.

We all know how expensive being a student is. You have tuition to pay, books and supplies to buy, and not to mention your rent and groceries. Add an unpaid summer internship and the cuts to OSAP into the mix, and you might feel like you need to live off ice soup for dinner. Luckily, side-hustles have become a popular way to make some extra cash while working around your 9-5. With all the different kinds of side-hustles available, you’re sure to find something you enjoy. Whether you’ve just booked yet another trip this summer, or you just want to save up for the school year, there’s a side-hustle on the list for everyone.


Let your skills shine

Laptop on table with notebook, phone and glasses.

No matter what your skill is, there is always an opportunity to freelance on the side. Luckily there are websites like Fiverr and Upwork that make it that much easier for you to connect with people looking for your work! Whether you’re a coding wizard, know how to design a killer logo, or have the voice of an angel, there are jobs available to let your skills shine. You can do transcribing, graphic design, video editing, be a virtual assistant… the possibilities are endless! Most sites will take a cut of your profit as a service fee, but you get to set your rate and choose what jobs you want to work on. Is there any better job than doing what you love, setting your own hours, and getting paid for it? I think not.


Cross off someone else’s to-do list

Man and woman holding painting equipment.

Calling all handy people! If you’re great at putting together IKEA furniture or channelling your inner Marie Kondo, you can get paid for doing things around the house for someone else! Whether it’s cleaning, moving furniture, or yard work, someone out there is going to need some help getting things done. With TaskRabbit you can easily find these types of jobs, along with other tasks like standing in line for people or helping do research. Like with freelancing, you can set your own rate of pay and make your own hours. Get paid for doing things you would normally just do for yourself!


Rep your favourite brand at a festival

If you’re a people person, this side-hustle is for you. With events and festivals happening all summer across the city, it’s easy to find yourself a brand ambassador position. Whether it’s demo-ing a new cleaning product at a trade show, or giving out samples at a food festival, there are always companies looking for someone to represent them at their booths. While you can find positions on Indeed, Facebook is also a great tool. Next time you’re checking your friend requests, take a look through the brand ambassador groups!


Be everyone’s favourite knock on the door

Delivery man on bike with UberEats backpack.

Who doesn’t get excited when the pizza man arrives? If you have a car or even a bike, it’s easy to make a little extra cash by delivering food with UberEats, Skip The Dishes, or Foodora. Food delivery is available all across the city, so no matter where you live you can find a hungry person looking for some late-night noodles. The benefit of delivering is that you can make your own hours, you can get tipped for good service, and unlike driving with Uber’s rideshare program, you don’t have to pick up any rowdy party-goers making a mess in your car. As long as you can resist eating the customer’s order in the passenger’s seat, you have a shot making some good money.


Get your 15 minutes of fame

Film clapperboard and actors out of focus on movie set

Ever watched a movie or TV show set in New York and thought, “Hey – that kind of looks like Toronto!” Well that’s because it probably is! Toronto is known as Hollywood North because of all the filming that goes on in and around the city. Why not take advantage and work as a background actor? Most of the time film extras just have to sit or walk through the background of a scene while the plot unfolds. Easy enough, right? Hours can be long, but if you have the day off bring a book, make some cash, and start up your own IMDb page! There are a few ways to find castings online, but be wary of scams. Look on Mandy and Cast Caller for the real deal, and check out more in-depth tips here.


Spread your knowledge

Woman and man sitting in front of screens

Did you get a really awesome grade in one of your courses last semester? Let your smarts shine with teaching or tutoring! There are online outlets like Udemy, where you can create courses and get paid for every student that enrols or sign up to be a peer-tutor on campus. As long as you’re a full-time student and have good references from staff or faculty, you can get a gig helping your fellow students in the Math, Writing or Accounting Centres. If those aren’t your strong suit, you can still peer-tutor on campus by specific course. Take a look at Humber’s peer-tutoring page to learn more info!


Spend some time with furry friends

Dog laying on bed

When pet owners go away, they don’t always want to use a kennel. This is where pet-sitting comes in! Get paid to babysit their dog or cat in your home, or you can house-and-dog-sit their property. With sites like Rover you can find opportunities for petsitting, housesitting and dog walking in your neighbourhood. They even have positions for doggie daycare, which is perfect for anyone who works from home. Getting paid to hang out with doggos all day? Count me in.


Become a professional student

Laptop on desk with coffee and smartphone.

While this isn’t a quick fix for your money troubles, treating scholarships like a serious side-hustle can get you a big payout in the end. The majority of scholarships offered are left unclaimed every year, due to lack of research or students not wanting to write yet another essay (myself included!). There are tons of scholarships out there, both within Humber/Guelph Humber, and externally, with criteria for every kind of student. Spend your free time looking up all the scholarships you’re eligible for with the help of sites like Scholarships Canada, and writing your applications, and you could have your full tuition or living expenses taken care of!

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