I’ll take the best game-show moments for $300.

Procrastination in my world looks like empty Sun Chip bags scattered around my room, homework untouched on my desk, and funny game-show moments loaded up on YouTube. There is nothing better than the absolute chaos that comes about on these programs.

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Kick back, forget your worries, and check out these iconic moments from game-shows that you might have forgotten about:

1. That time Family Feud contestants confused producers by not answering at all

Sponges, bread, pillows?! Stumped contestants couldn’t think of an answer for Steve Harvey when asked, “Other than fruit, name something you might choose by squeezing it first.”


2. Or when that Wheel of Fortune contestant got way too confident in his answer

This is the kind of energy I’m walking into my midterms with. Watch as this contestant confidently completes the puzzle with the wrong answer.


3. The winning moment on The Price is Right that left this contestant fainting 

This contestant was floored when she found out she won the showcase on The Price is Right. Money can make quite a difference in someone’s life, including yours!


4. This Family Feud contestant who misunderstood the question in the best kind of way  

As a September-born baby, I appreciate this answer. When asked “during what months of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant?” this contestant gives us this memorable answer.


5. The Price is Right contestant who just keeps on winning

You can’t help but get hyped up when this contestant beats the odds on The Price is Right. While playing Plinko, you can feel not only the contestant’s excitement, but the audience’s as he goes on to win over $30,000.


6. When Snoop Dogg was a celebrity guest on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 

Anything Snoop Dogg is bound to be hilarious and this episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is no exception. Snoop Dogg popped in some of his famous lines such as “I stay ready so I ain’t gotta’ get ready.” Snoop Dogg put his $50,000 winnings towards his charity, The Snoop Youth Football League.


7. That one time on Jeopardy when Alex Trebek malfunctioned

There’s really nothing to add. This chaos is comedy gold.


8. And lastly, the iconic “CHICKEN” answer on Family Feud Canada

This contestant’s face after realizing her mistake is priceless. Who doesn’t love some Popeye’s chicken, though? Family Feud Canada is ought to give her some brownie points for this viral moment on the show.

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