With summer just around the corner, our many exams, essays, and group projects will soon be a distant memory. When your last exam is handed in and your final project is complete, it’s the perfect time to stop worrying about school and to start focusing on yourself. Here are seven ways to boost your health this summer.

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Eat more in the morning and less at night

Although what you eat is important, it is just as important to plan out when you eat. Many health experts recommend having a higher calorie intake the morning. This gives your body the energy it needs to burn throughout the day.

It is also important to consider how many calories you generally burn throughout the day when planning your meals. This will help you plan a meal big enough so you don’t burn out!

Breakfast parfait

Drink more water and less of whatever else

Water is the most underrated way of staying healthy. It will keep you hydrated and will make you more energetic. The average person should consume about 2 litres of water a day. It’s important to stay hydrated – especially on a hot summer day.

Man on a hike dumps water into mouth

Continue (or start) going to the gym

Hopefully you’ve been making full use of your student gym membership. If you’re moving far away from campus for the summer, try to find a local gym that offers reasonable student memberships. If you’re enjoying one of the classes at Humber’s athletic complexes and staying near campus, the gyms are open during the summer and you can keep attending!

Check out what students had to say about the new Lakeshore fitness complex.

Man squatting at gym outside

Go for a run, hike, swim, etc.

Not interested in finding a gym, or don’t have the cash? Go for a run outside! The cold chill of winter is gone and this is the perfect excuse to get yourself out of the house. Summer is full of potential fitness activities, like hiking, biking, or swimming. You could take up tennis, golf, or even join a recreational sports league! The possibilities are endless.

Man going for a run

Make your own food

As the weather gets warmer the fresh fruits and veggies become more plentiful. Make it a summer goal to learn new recipes and to cook with fresh ingredients. This is a much healthier option than buying food and is a great life skill to have. Now that you’re not on campus every day it is the perfect excuse to cook for yourself. Check out our list of lost cost, low-calorie recipes.

Fresh ingredients on a chopping board

Cut bad habits

Whether your bad habit is smoking or eating junk food, summer is a great time to leave it behind. A change in lifestyle or atmosphere is a great way to positively impact other aspects of your life. Make it a goal to stop doing something you want to quit the day school ends! Here are some tips to help you keep your resolutions!

Split popcorn and gummy bears

Get the right amount of sleep

Sleeping during the school year isn’t always easy. You have assignments, essays, projects, and a social life. As soon as school ends it can be tempting to go overboard with your spare time and avoid going to bed early. You should spend at least a week getting early nights and getting into a sustainable sleeping routine at the beginning of the summer. Following your new regime will be easy after that!

If you feel like you’ve been losing sleep during the school year, be sure to check out IGNITE’s Sleep Lounge is when you come back in September.

Feet sticking out of the bottom of the bed

Of course, these tips are just suggestions. Find a routine that is comfortable and healthy for you! If you are worried about your health and wellness during the summer, most full-time students are still covered under IGNITE’s Health and Dental plan.

Take advantage of your benefits and take care of yourself this summer.