You know what they say: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”

Every winter, social media is filled with pictures of great gingerbread houses. From palatial structures to classic designs, people don’t hold back showcasing their artistry.

Man says, "I'm an artist!"

And, while we’d all love to create beautiful holiday desserts, not everyone has the skills to do so. The results? Often comical and disastrous.

So, here are IGNITE’s favourite examples of gingerbread houses that’ll leave you shaking your heads in disappointment.

1. The remake

Gingerbread house reference image next to a broken gingerbread house with sides collapsed.
Text: Nailed it!

An attempt was made, —Well, we hope practice makes perfect.

2. Last-minute artistry

Gingerbread cookies stacked as a house.

Tell me you’re a procrastinator, without telling me you’re a procrastinator.

3. A self-aware artist

Gingerbread house with help written on it and a knife stuck in the side.

A well-deserved cry for help.

4. The one that leaves you scratching your head in confusion

Gingerbread house covered in green icing with eyeballs stuck to it.

If there were ever a horror movie about gingerbread houses, this would be the lead actor.

5. Literally understood the assignment

Bread stacked on a piece of ginger to represent a house.

Would be a good idea to look up recipes before you delve into a dish. Just a thought.

6. Confidence is key?

Blue gingerbread house designed as a police building.
Text: Nailed it.

People say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But what on earth is this?

7. The risk manager

Crumbling gingerbread house with a toy dinosaur eating a part of it.

An F for the design; but an A+ for crisis management.

We hope this list gave you a laugh—or at least helped you learn what not to do next time you decorate this classic holiday treat.

Find any gingerbread house designs that deserve a place on this list? Share it with us by tagging @shareignite on Instagram and Twitter.

Happy decorating!

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