Exam season is here and that means students are busier than ever.

If you’re familiar with different internet browsers, then you probably already know about extensions and all the wonderful ways they can make your life easier. We decided to compile a list of some of our favourite browser extensions to help busy students keep the stress off.





Momentum is quite well-known and is an extension that I use on my computer. If you aren’t familiar with it, Momentum changes your new tab screen to its own custom interface.

Each new tab inspires you to be more productive while providing a moment of calm, featuring a daily inspirational background and quote. It displays the weather, allows you to set your daily focus, and create a to do list . The best part about the app is that once you finish your focus, or to do list, it congratulates you and provides you with a small motivational boost.

Momentum main app screen


Cite This For Me

This is a step up from many of your traditional web citation tools, which allows you to generate a correctly formatted citation by clicking a browser button. From there you can copy it to your assignment, or save it in your online bibliography until you have all your sources. Possibly the best past about this extension is that you can change the citation style seamlessly at any time.

Includes: APA, Chicago, MLA, Harvard.



Memorize is one of the more simple extensions on this list, but it earns its place by being extremely useful. It allows you to input questions and then regularly quizzes you while you’re browsing the internet. I don’t know about you but I always find myself getting distracted while studying; this app is great because it ensures that even if you’re on Facebook you can still be productive.

If flash cards are more your thing check out Flash Tabs


Google Dictionary

Whether you’re reading for class or fun there is a good chance you will come across some unfamiliar words. Next time you’re stumped double click on the word and Google Dictionary has you covered. The extension will summon a pop-up bubble with the definition and, if you’re still stuck, you can click a word in the bubble as well. It is perfect for those long readings with dozens of new words, or if you just can’t remember what a word means.



Grammarly is a free writing tool that automatically checks everything you type for spelling, grammar, and clarity. Working on popular sites all over the web, Grammarly is perhaps the most useful tool for writing that essay you’ve been putting off. It also gives you the option to store documents in their online editor so you can work, and edit, on the fly.



Firefox start page




The internet is full of distractions from Facebook, to Netflix, to those fun Google games. Leechblock is an extension that helps keep you on track when you start to fall off the study wagon. It does this by allowing you to set a list of sites, and decide when and how long they will be blocked from you. If this is too extreme, it allows you to set a time limit for how long you can be distracted every hour. When you’re too far gone you can press the “lock-down” button and instantly lock all of your set sites.


Wired Marker

If you are that person who needs to highlight their notes to study, then this extension is for you. It allows you highlight the text on any webpage using several colours and styles including underline, box, and yes – bright yellow. The extension then keeps a record of all your mark-ups and allows you to go back to them at any time. Even if you don’t love highlighting this is great because it essentially allows you to bookmark specific text rather than a whole page.



Note: Be weary of how many extensions you add to your browser. Adding too many could end up slowing it down rather than speeding it up. It’s best to pick your favourites and find that perfect balance.

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