You know the paper is due soon but you can’t stop watching.

You have a 10-page paper due before midnight. All you need to do is finish the annotated bibliography and you’re in the clear. There’s still a couple of hours before it’s due, so there’s time to watch some YouTube first. Trust us, there’s no possible way this can go wrong.

Here are 5 YouTube rabbit holes to go down while procrastinating:

1. DIY

There are so many useful videos on YouTube, but there are so many channels to choose from. Sorry Girls is a great lifehack/DIY channel that has a lot of valuable tips. These girls are also Humber Alumni, which is a bonus. The videos are light-hearted and informative and will have you laughing for sure. They don’t do things that are too ambitious too, which is nice. Some of these other YouTubers say a project is simple but then expect you to have a bag of obsidian glass and a forklift licence on hand. They’re too complicated. Not the Sorry Girls, they make things easy and fun.

Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid started their YouTube venture at Humber in 2010. Since then, their channel has blown up. They do more than just DIY, they also do thrifting, vlogging, and more. You will lose track of time with their charming personalities and brilliant ideas. 


2. Food Blogs

I wouldn’t recommend watching these videos hungry, but you will inevitably want to eat something after watching them. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed foodie or just interested in the cooking process, you’ll love diving deep into this well of videos. Bon Appétit is one of those food channels that get you hooked. They have many different series all pertaining to the various aspects of food. The channel has strong personalities that run the shows. This cast of cooks and writers will have you laughing and smiling throughout the videos. One of the series they create is It’s Alive with Brad. Brad teams up with chefs to make exciting creations like fermented popcorn seasoning. There will be some concoctions that look amazing, and others you might want to stay away from.

Another interesting show on the channel is Gourmet Eats. In this one, Chef Claire attempts to recreate gourmet versions of popular snacks. She has recreated things like Twinkies and Sour Patch Kids. Through a series of trial and error, she will try to find the perfect recipe to mimic these treats, and when she does, she shares the recipe with the viewer. This YouTube channel will be a drain on your time, but the benefit is that you might become a better cook. Maybe.


3. Lock Puzzles

This is a channel for inquisitive people who never learned how to work a Rubik’s Cube. Check out the YouTuber Chris Ramsay. You will live vicariously through Chris as he cracks these lock puzzles made by people with too much time on their hands. It may sound boring, but it’s not. I’ve never been more hooked on something in my life. It’s fascinating the level of effort that goes into creating and beating these puzzles. A lot of them are so beautifully made you can have them in your home as a piece of art.

After watching these videos, you’ll feel like you can solve any puzzle. You will walk around like you’re the reincarnation of Alan Turing, even though you probably couldn’t put together a Kinder Egg Surprise jigsaw.

Start watching these videos, and in the blink of an eye, your whole day is gone. You may not get that paper done in time, but you’ll know more about puzzles. And that’s all that matters.


4. Explained Videos 

There are many channels out there that explain the big and little questions in life. But none are as effective as “In a Nutshell” by Kurzgesagt. These beautifully animated videos help take broad, complicated subjects and make them digestible. Is meat unhealthy? What is optimistic nihilism? Why do people experience loneliness? These are a couple of the questions that In a Nutshell discusses. They are great ways to expand your mind and to introduce yourself to exciting subjects. The videos are at most 15 minutes, so they’re easy to get through.

Soon you will be well-versed in a whole matter of subjects. Regurgitating information to strangers, so you seem smart. This is the dream that we all want to live. But really, this is a great channel, and you’ll learn a lot. The videos are fun, and the narrator has a pleasant British accent. It’s the perfect combination.

Best of all, if you’re using this channel to procrastinate, you can feel good that you are educating yourself in the process.



If you enjoy people who whisper in your ear, that’s kinda strange. But I won’t judge. There is something to be said about this YouTube niche. It’s extremely popular. These YouTubers seem to whisper even if it is not ASMR. I feel like a librarian would be turned on by these videos.

SAS-ASMR is one such YouTuber. These videos usually involve her whispering into the microphone and then eating different food. I thought most people are annoyed by hearing people eat. Evidently not. SAS-ASMR has 7.8 million subscribers. Hearing her eat noodles is particularly disturbing. Maybe it is my own ignorance, but I didn’t know the human body was capable of making those noises. These sounds will forever haunt me. Whether you like these videos or not, I’ll admit that they are addicting. After a while, these alien sounds almost become hypnotic. Strange feelings will emerge in you. A combination of hunger, intrigue, confusion, and disgust will meld together into a sensation that you have never felt before.

I highly recommend it.

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