All dressed up and nowhere to go.

It’s been just over two months since people worldwide started working from home to slow the spread of COVID-19, so our pyjamas and hoodies are likely getting a lot more loving.

Working from home means no more long commutes, no more pointless meetings, and no more “business casual”–you can just roll out of bed and get to work… but should you?

While it’s tempting to stay in your comfy pyjamas all day while working from the couch, studies have shown that getting dressed to work from home, or even to learn from home, has a positive impact on both your productivity and your mental health.

Now, I’m not saying to go put on jeans and a blazer every morning (who in their right mind is wearing skinny jeans right now?!), but getting back into a morning routine by changing out of the sweatpants you wore all weekend and brushing your hair can do wonders.

You might be wondering, “if I’m not wearing dress pants, and you’re telling me not to wear pyjamas all day, what exactly should I wear?”

Well, I’m here to help you find that happy medium with these five simple tips:

Get out of those pj’s

Tina Fey laughs sarcastically in cupcake pyjamas.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: get out of your pyjamas!

Trust me, I know it’s tempting. You’re just sitting around the house, and no one is going to see you… so why bother? But after a few days of rolling out of bed and working in pyjamas, time loses all meaning. Okay, maybe not, but it’s a good idea to get a morning routine going to differentiate your work time from your chill time.

Pyjamas also remind you of sleeping, which makes your productivity and motivation plummet. So, if you want to really focus on your schoolwork or check off your to-do list, get dressed!

Keep it comfy

Woman on couch putting on a blanket. Text reads: Leggings, Blanket, Laptop, Couch Panini

Comfortable means a lot of different things to different people.

Maybe it’s a pair of leggings and an oversized t-shirt, or maybe it’s a pair of loose, stretchy jeans and a hoodie. No matter what comfy means to you, this is the time to wear it. Leave the itchy sweaters and tight trousers in your closet, and instead opt for things that make you feel good.

You’re not going to be able to focus if you’re readjusting your waistband all day or pulling up the straps on your top. Another great thing about working from home, is that if you get too warm or something starts rubbing the wrong way, you can simply change!

Embrace your activewear

Kourtney Kardashian wearing sunglasses. Caption reads: I have seven stylists who put me in sweats and leggings.

As the weather starts heating up, your warm, cozy sweatpants might lose their appeal.

Instead, leggings, tank tops, and shorts provide the same amount of ease, without the fleece. Bike shorts had a moment last spring, and they’re just as great a year later. Throw on your favourite activewear, and should you have a Zoom meeting, simply throw on a clean shirt. No one can see your full ‘fit anyway!

Who knows, maybe it will motivate you to do sit-ups in your living room between emails, too.

Dresses are your friend

Homer Simpson twirling in a dress

Dresses are a truly transformative piece of clothing.

Not only does it take out half the effort of getting dressed, but they make you look like you tried a lot harder than you really did. They’re breezy enough for a heatwave, comfy enough to sit around in and make you look pulled together in an instant.

Pull out those summer sundresses, and you’ll be amazed how easy getting dressed in the morning becomes. And if you need another reason, think of the selfie opportunities!

Invest in some cozy slippers

Man wearing fluffy pink slippers

While I may caution you against wearing pyjamas, the same does not go for our feet.

Slippers are the coziest footwear, and allow you that snuggly feeling you get from pj’s, without actually wearing them. Treat your feet to a pair of fluffy slippers to go with your at-home outfits, and you will not regret it. I promise.

Looking for more tips to stay on top of your work? Take a look at this foolproof guide to stay productive in self-isolation!

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