Imagine having a little extra money in the bank. I mean sure you could pay off that student debt, donate it to your favourite charity, or look into a practical used car.

But ever wonder what else you could do with $5,000?

Every year, IGNITE gives students the opportunity to win $5,000. Paying down tuition, rent, and car insurance all sounds like a pretty sweet deal. But maybe you’ve got some cash to spare and are looking for something a little more unconventional…

In that case, here are some alternative ideas on how to spend your new lump sum of cash:

canadian eskimo dog

1. Canadian Eskimo Dog

The Canadian Eskimo Dog, also known as the Canadian Inuit Dog, is considered the world’s oldest dog breed. In fact, they have a history of inhabiting Arctic regions for over 4,000 years!

They were also considered extinct in 1963, but due to breeding efforts there’s about 500 in North America today.

Not only are they a little slice of history, they’re also extremely intelligent, loyal and have tons of energy.

If you’re into an active and outdoor lifestyle, one of these can be yours for around $5,000.


penguin says hello


2. A trip to Antarctica

Perhaps getting a pet isn’t your thing, well how about a trip to the Great White South?

For prices as low as $3,000 you can get a two-person berth on a boat down south. It might be a bit chilly, but you’re sure to catch a glimpse of some penguins.

With boats leaving Argentina daily between November and March, and packages including full meals and itinerary, there’s no better reason to go!


sunny beach

3. A holiday for 4 in Belize

If the last option’s got you shivering already, we’ve got another idea. How about a holiday in Belize?

For $4,340 you and 3 friends can spend 8 nights in an Airbnb and spend your days snorkeling in a marine reserve, swimming in a cave, and getting beach-side massages.

Sunscreen not included. 


rustic hobbit house
Photo Courtesy of True Activist


4. A Hobbit House

Don’t have the travel bug? don’t worry! We’ve got something for you.

Using reclaimed lumber and various recycled materials you can create your own off-the-grid hobbit house.

Complete with solar panels, wood burner heating and a thatched roof this is the perfect getaway from hectic city life.

The cost you ask? Only $4,000!

red expensive shoes
Photo courtesy of EBA Consortium


5. Air Yeezy’s 2 – Red October

Is fashion more your thing?

You can cop a pair of Air Yeezy’s 2 for about $3,000.

Although they retailed for $245 back in 2014, they sold out in seconds. Since then, they have been popping up online for up to $16 million.

Not exactly a bargain but damn, they look good.



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