We feel you. Winter’s rough, but your skin doesn’t have to be.

If you’re anything like me, along with the extreme cold comes extremely dry skin from your head to your toes. It’s not always easy to spend hundreds of dollars on skincare, so I’ve decided to find products that are good to your skin AND your bank account.

Here’s a list of the BEST, tried and tested products to pamper your skin without breaking the bank this winter.


Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion – $7.99

Bottle of Cetaphil Lotion
Image courtesy of Walmart


This is one of the BEST facial moisturizers I’ve used that has helped me survive winter without dreaded dry skin. Not only does it leave your face super moisturized, but the formula is non-greasy, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic making it ideal for those with sensitive and dry skin. You can also use this moisturizer for your body as well so it’s kind of a win-win.


Garnier Skinactive Moisture Bomb Mask – $2.94

Hands holding packet of Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Mask
Image courtesy of Amazon


This convenient, little face mask packs a serious PUNCH with half a bottle of serum in every packet. Just 15 minutes of pure bliss with this on your face leaves your skin soft and radiant for the whole day without looking greasy. Plus, who doesn’t need 15 minutes of peace while dealing with the cold weather?


Vaseline Lip Therapy – $3.47

Four tins of Vaseline lip Therapy
Image courtesy of Previdar


Say goodbye to the dry, chapped lips you inevitably have to face as soon as the weather gets colder. This lip balm will heal those annoying cuts on your lips caused by the dry weather and leaves them the softest and smoothest they’ve ever been. All without feeling sticky.  For only $3, who can pass up on that? They also come in different scents and formulas such as Rosy Lips, Cocoa Butter, and Aloe Vera to fulfill your every need.


Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser – $8.97

Bottle of Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser
Image courtesy of Amazon


Wash away all your worries with this inexpensive cleanser. This cleanser pretty much works wonders. It’s soap and dye free and non-comedogenic (so it won’t clog your pores and add extra stress to your everyday life). This is one of the only cleansers I’ve tried that doesn’t leave my skin drier than the Sahara desert. This gentle cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin and leaves your skin clean and soft while also removing makeup!


Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion with Pure Cocoa Butter – $5.97

Image courtesy of Amazon


Hydrate your dry skin while smelling amazing with this moisturizer. This is ideal for anyone struggling with dry areas. By using petroleum jelly, this light formula locks in moisture so you can slay all day. As an added bonus, the sweet, light scent will definitely leave you wanting more. You can also find an array of options in this line such as Aloe Vera and Advanced Repair Unscented. Warning: you may or may not want to completely bathe yourself in this stuff after trying it.


I hope these inexpensive skin care products will help you make it through this winter season and make the cold weather a little more tolerable. All of these are easily available from Amazon, Shoppers Drugmart or Walmart and will probably cost less than your daily Venti-Extra-Whip Frappuccino’s which makes them so much better.

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