“I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.”


Who else still has no idea what they’re going to do as a job with the program they’re in?

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Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

It can be hard pinpointing what you want to do with the expertise and experience you’ll have accumulated upon graduation — especially if you’re in a broad program that doesn’t necessarily have a clear focus. But every program offers you a variety of skills and opportunities that will help you grow and learn more about the field you’ve chosen (as well as about yourself)!

In addition to the practical skills you’ll have learned — and maybe mastered — in your chosen program, you’ll also have learned many transferable skills. And, these skills can help you use your degree to find jobs you might have never thought of.

Want to know more? Let’s look into five career paths you didn’t know your degree can help you take:

Travel the world with your media degree

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There are so many directions you can go with your media degree.

For example, have you ever dreamed of travelling the world and getting paid to do it? With a media degree, this is more than possible! There’s no need to limit yourself to working locally — media is all over the world. And, whether you want to work as a freelancer or for a company, there are jobs everywhere for you.

Not sure how you can do this?

Well, do you enjoy writing? Consider becoming a travelling content writer and write about your experiences visiting locations worldwide!

Maybe you’re more into the photographic arts? Consider becoming a travel photographer or videographer and sell your images or videos to companies from all over the world. Alternatively, be your own boss and become a travel influencer, creating social media content using the skills you learned in your media program.

The options for where you can go and what you can do are endless.

Become a food stylist for a big-time magazine with your culinary arts degree

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Use your knowledge of the culinary arts to make food look drool-worthy in advertisements, cookbooks, menus, commercials and movies with a career as a food stylist!

The art of beautifully arranging food for editorial purposes is one-of-a-kind. Food stylists need to understand the ins and outs of food preparation, photography and videography to know how a particular food item can look its best for consumers.

Typically, a food stylist’s job includes shopping for, prepping, cooking and arranging the dishes from start to finish. However, food stylists will often also work closely with a team of people — such as chefs, editors, assistants and photographers — to help present dishes. It all depends on the level of experience you have and the job you’re completing.

Since there are no specific degrees that prepare you for a food styling career, accreditation in the culinary arts is a great place to start! Additionally, further education in food photography and videography to learn the tricks and techniques of food styling is highly recommended.

Help manage a sports team with your business degree

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A business program can lead you in so many career directions. You’ll learn many skills, including administration and supervision skills, how organizations work and how to help them work even better.

So, why not make the most of it and work for a company doing something you love? After all, every business needs a manager — and business students are strong candidates for the job!

If you’re a fan of sports, consider putting the skills and experience from your business program to use working for your favourite sports team. You could help manage their day-to-day activities, events, communications, finances or all of the above!

Of course, you won’t become the manager of your favourite NBA team right away. But, as you work your way up, who knows to what heights your career will take you!

For inspiration, check out our Fireside Chat with Masai Ujiri, the Toronto Raptors president, where we discussed the importance of strong leadership and some of his tips and tricks for success.

Turn you passions into a business

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You can become your own boss and turn what you’ve learned through your program into a profitable business.

With any program, you can start a business of your own. Just look at people like Sophia Amoruso! By just age 22, the entrepreneur had already founded her first business, Nasty Gal — an eBay side hustle that has turned into a multi-million-dollar business over the years.

We’re not going to sugar-coat it, starting a business can be hard. However, with hard work, dedication, resiliency and a love for what you create, anything is possible. Find what you’re most passionate about, use the skills and experiences you’ll have accumulated from your post-secondary degree and start planning out your next big idea!

With a little luck, who knows, you might be the next star of Dragons’ Den!

Become a professor at Humber College or UofGH

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Have you ever considered coming back to Humber or UofGH to become a teacher?

With almost any degree, you can work towards becoming a college or university professor. You’ll also need to work towards completing further education — like a master’s degree or a doctorate — as well as a certification in teaching. It might seem like a lot; however, being a professor can be extremely rewarding. You can help shape the future of your industry by teaching aspiring students in your field and developing curriculums that will best suit your industry’s current needs.

In addition, as you’ve probably noticed with many of your own professors here at Humber or UofGH, many post-secondary teachers find a balance between teaching students and continuing to work in their field. Therefore, you can continue furthering your own career and help kickstart those of aspiring future professionals in your industry.

Plus, we don’t know about you, but playing teacher was always one of the best recess games back in elementary school. This could be your chance to live out that game in your adult life!

Keep pretending.

How will you use your degree? Whatever you do, make the most of it and follow a career path that suits you best!

And, whatever path you choose, IGNITE’s here to ensure your career success with events and opportunities to help make the most of your time at school.

Landing your dream internship is a great place to start working your way up to the top! Here are some tips from a UofGH Placement Coordinator on how to do just that.

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