Do it for the ‘gram.

Whether you’re new to the city or a native Torontonian – chances are that you don’t always have the time to explore Toronto to it’s full potential; we want to change that. Take advantage of the last month of summer and get ready to liven up your feed with all of the city’s must-see spots.

Here’s our guide to which must-see, must-gram spots you should start with (especially if you’re new to the 6ix):

1. Nathan Phillips Square

Man standing inside of Toronto Sign

This is a first stop for a Toronto newbie. Toronto’s City Hall’s Instagram potential comes through in every season. The Toronto sign makes a great shot on a warm summer day, and during the Winter the free skating rink is always full of fun-loving tourists and locals. During the Summer, look for the Peace Garden located in the Square. This less-photographed area has the Flame of Peace – lit by the Pope in 1984 – and a pool of water from Hiroshima. There’s also a sculpture garden, meaning the Square offers a ton of backdrops for you to strike a pose at.

2. Kensington Market

Pedestrians walk beside colourful shops in the hip Kensington Market neighbourhood of central Toronto, Ontario.
Kensington is packed with potential no matter what your Instagram style is. Foodies can rejoice at the quirky restaurants, while others will be drawn to a more gritty scene in Graffiti Alley just a few blocks away. Thrift shoppers and music-lovers will also find stores to suit their needs. No matter your hobby, Kensington is the perfect spot to spend a sunny summer afternoon.

3. The Toronto Islands

an airplane passes in front of the CN Tower and Toronto skyline, landing at the Toronto Island Airport
Now that the Toronto Islands have reopened, it’s a perfect time to go explore them for yourself! There’s activities to suit every type of person, from paddle boarding to awesome festivals. The Islands sport one of the best views of the Toronto skyline! You can get this view either by going to the Islands themselves or by going on a boat cruise in the harbour. Either way, prepare yourself and your camera for stunning views, like this one captured by our own Stephanie Di Bartolo.

4. Evergreen Brickworks

a large brick building nestled amidst lots of green forest
This is a must-visit spot for the outdoors-loving student in the GTA. You’re traveling in an urban jungle one minute, and the next you’re faced with an enormous forest in the Donlands. This spot is known as Crother’s Woods, and is home to lots of biking and hiking trails. The Southwest corner is home to an old brick-production facility, which has a weekly farmer’s market and makes for some of the best rustic scenery that the city has to offer. Speaking of rustic…

5. Distillery District

Photo of old brick towers of the chic Distillery District with new condos and downtown skyscrapers in the background
If you’ve lived in Toronto, you’ve been told that you “have to go to the Distillery.” Almost everywhere you look is picturesque, whether it’s the outdoor eats at El Catrin, the modern sculptures amidst the cobblestone roadways, or the famous “Love” lock sign. In the winter, make sure to check out it’s famous Christmas Market for a unique dining and shopping experience. The Distillery is truly picture-perfect (and also makes for a great date destination any season!)

6. Polson Pier

The Toronto skyline viewed from Polson Pier
It’s hard to find a match for the Toronto skyline, and even harder to find the perfect spot to capture it. Polson Pier sports the perfect vantage point to get a spectacular view of the bay and the city in all of its splendour. Spend the day site-seeing, eating at nearby restaurants, or even racing on go-karts!

Protip: This location really shines for its photo potential at night. The kaleidoscopic lights of the city are reflected by the dark, glassy water of the bay, creating a truly stunning scene.

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