Espresso Yo’self

With the semester picking up and your 8 a.m. classes hitting hard, it may be time for a caffeine fix. If you’re tired of succumbing to mediocre java and are in the mood to try coffee that doesn’t taste like a watered down mess then this is the article for you.

I’ve gone around Toronto in search of the BEST coffee shops in town.

Here’s the list that I’ve comprised of the top 5 coffee shops you need to try ASAP:


1. Manic Coffee

I can honestly say that this coffee made me go a little manic myself. Take my word on this one, this has got to be one of the best coffees I’ve ever tried. Located on College Street, this little coffee shop is more than meets the eye. As an added bonus, right down the street, you can find delicious restaurants and cute, cheap bookshops to satisfy your every need. So hop on over to Manic, grab your favourite book, and enjoy one of the best coffees your tongue will ever have the honour of tasting.

2 cappuccinos in cup reading "Manic Coffee"


2. Goldstruck Coffee

This café is the gold at the end of the rainbow. The Yorkville coffee shop is exactly what your Instagram feed has been waiting for. The artsyand industrial interior makes you feel like you’re in a super cute gold mine. Talk about feeling boujee. Walk in with your laptop and just like that, you have the BEST study spot that includes freshly brewed and roasted coffee right at your fingertips.

2 cappuccinos on table with coffee beans behind them


3. Page One 

CALLING ALL WRITERS! This has got your name written all over it. The cute shop is riddled with antique decor and an array of typewriters. Along with amazing coffee, comes a cozy antique feel. Having writer’s block? Need some coffee and some inspiration? Bring your laptop or notebook and start writing with a hot cup of coffee! Seriously, I was swooning over this place. If the artsy atmosphere doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will. (P.S. cute typewriter stickers available upon request)

Cappuccino on table


4. The Library Specialty Coffee

Minimalist meets chic at this hip, Australian-styled coffee shop. With wooden stumps as chairs and unconventional interior design, you’re sure to get a FIRE insta post. The coffee itself is delightful and dusted with a tiny bit of cocoa powder to give it pleasant speckles throughout. How can you pass up on photographing such immaculate coffee art? They even offer pour-over ceremonies and tubes of delicious-smelling coffee beans to complete your trip!

Cappuccino next to container reading "sugar"


5. Jimmy’s Coffee

This coffee chain serves up some amazing coffee. Grab a seat by the artsy bookshelf, enjoy your piping hot cup and grab a baked good while you’re there. This chain has locations all over Toronto including Kensington Market. Basically, you can grab some lunch, shop till you drop and enjoy some down time with some great coffee. Talk about a win-win.

cappuccino in cup reading "Jimmy's Coffee"


Honorable Mention: Cluny Patisserie

This Paris-themed bakery didn’t quite make the cut, but if you’re looking for a cute brunch spot to take bae to or you just want some coffee and adorable, artisanal desserts then you need to check this place out. Located in the Distillery District, this Paris-themed bakery is right next to a French restaurant. Brunch? Dessert? Great Coffee? Count me in. While you’re there check out the Toronto Light Festival, open until March 3rd!

Takeout coffee cup readinf "Cluny Boulangerie and Patisserie" on marble table


If these amazing shops don’t fulfill all of your coffee needs, I don’t know what will. Hope you enjoy the caffeine fix, no need to thank me.

Take that coffee break boo, you deserve it.


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