Here at IGNITE, we get that busy schedules and daunting calendars full of upcoming due dates can take a toll.

Getting your sleep is important, especially for college and university students. So we’ve decided to come up with a list of places where Humber and Guelph-Humber students can get some rest and feel their best!

North campus Sleep Lounge

Let’s start with the obvious. We don’t mean to brag, but IGNITE’s Sleep Lounge offers a super cozy in-school sleeping location. At North campus, the Sleep Lounge is in KX208 (the fireplace room). We’ve created a quiet, clean, and dark environment for the perfect afternoon nap that you crave. Just bring your student ID and you’re good to go!

Little Mermaid rolling sideways in bed

Lakeshore campus Sleep Lounge

That’s right, IGNITE provides a Sleep Lounge at both the North and Lakeshore campuses. To use the Sleep Lounge, sign up in the Games Room (K Basement) and head to KB106 for a much-needed nap that will surely make any day better!

Campers sleeping in hammocks in the woods

At the back of your most boring class

Okay, you definitely shouldn’t be sleeping in a lecture hall, but let’s be real, sometimes class isn’t exactly the most exciting place to be. And if you’re feeling a little tired your eyes might start getting heavy really quickly. There’s nothing wrong with a little in-class power nap, as long as you’re sitting towards the back to avoid being rude. Try to power through and just drop by the Sleep Lounge after class to get your sleep on.

Man lying down on grass wearing grey hoodie and sunglasses

On your commute

Got a subway or bus to catch to school? Why not join all the other early commuters and take a power nap before that 8 a.m. class? Throw on your headphones and doze off for a bit. Just make sure you don’t miss your stop!

Subway train going by a platform

Your res dorm

hey – this one’s easy. If you’re lucky enough to live on campus (or close to it) head back to your place between classes to catch a power nap. You’ll be refreshed and ready to go for your next class!

tired cartoon girl falling onto bed



All jokes aside – make sure you try to get enough sleep every night as it’s important for your health and overall well-being. We know midterms and assignments can mess with sleep schedules, but getting your rest will be more than helpful for achieving good grades.

After all, that’s why we introduced our Sleep Lounge in the first place. Why not use those long breaks in between classes to catch up on some much-needed rest?

Want to learn more? Check out our tips for better sleep and our Spotlight article about the success of the Sleep Lounge.