Start your school year in style.

Whenever August arrives, it feels like summer is wrapping up. They start advertising the CNE, backpacks take over the stores, and I actually already saw Halloween candy on the shelves at Rexall. But with only a few weeks left of summer break, there are still things to look forward to: seeing your school friends again, the end of this gross humidity, and back to school shopping. Whether you’re starting a new program or heading back this fall, the first week of school is arguably the best dressed one. It’s a short time before the sweats and leggings come out, before we get tired and lazy from projects and tests. If you’re looking for a few new things to start your school year in style, take a look at these trends that are sure to be dominating the hallways (and Lakeshore campus’ Fashion Institute) in no time.

Welcome to the jungle

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Animal prints are one of those things that are sort of always there but become extra trendy every couple of seasons. This summer, with the popularity of the infamous leopard midi skirt, animal print has popped up in every store, and on every feed. For fall we’re seeing everything from neon snake print to cow patterns on clothing and accessories, but personally, I’m still partial to the classic leopard (and yes, I do have that skirt). Go all out in big, bold prints for a maximalist look, or if your style is more subtle, opt for tortoiseshell accessories or snakeskin shoes for just a hint of the wild.

Party like it’s 1999

In case you’ve missed it, the 90’s are having a huge comeback, and with it come the scrunchies, chunky sneakers, and tiny sunglasses from the golden age of Gwyneth. The 90’s were a very diverse time in music and fashion, which means there are so many trends to choose from. You’ve got grunge style with red plaid and Doc Martens, the preppy look with slip dresses and sandals, and even the bucket hat/tearaway pants/neon thing that I never understood making an appearance. While I’m a fan of many things from the 90’s, can we agree to leave frosted tips and JNCO jeans behind?

Ain’t easy being green

I don’t know about you, but when I think of fall colours, my mind automatically goes to oranges and browns. Pastel greens aren’t a shade I usually associate with falling leaves and new textbooks, but this year it’s the colour – think mint, sea foam, and the colour of pistachio gelato. This muted green shade has been making its way into stores over the past few weeks and will be perfect for accentuating your summer tan. The hue is surprisingly versatile, and whether you do a runway-inspired head-to-toe pistachio look, or opt for a sage blouse with white denim, you’ll be right on-trend.

XOXO, Gossip Girl

When Gossip Girl came out in 2007, I hopped right on the Blair Waldorf (head)band wagon, and invested in a collection of bow hair accessories. Call it coincidence, but the headband is coming back better than ever, and is followed by the news of a GG reboot. Rather than the big frilly bows of Blair circa 2009, we’re seeing padded headbands and decorated barrettes that are the perfect solution for when you wake up late for class with day-old hair. They’re easy to wear with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a sundress, and look so adorable. If you’re like me, and still trying to channel your inner Blair in time for the new series, I have it on good authority that coloured tights are coming back too…

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