More than just basketball.

If you’re a real Torontonian, chances are you’ve been living and breathing the Toronto Raptors ever since their epic NBA championship win this past summer. Well, low and behold the Raptors are at it again, showing the rest of the NBA that Canada is a force to be reckoned with.

IGNITE wants to make your transition back to school a little smoother by welcoming NBA champ, Serge Ibaka, to Humber Lakeshore Auditorium on Jan. 11 for our very first Real Talks of the season. So grab your Raptors merch and ring in the new year with MaFuzzy Chef.

Need a refresher on all the awesome things Serge is up to? Check out our list of the things you need to know about Mr. Ibaka himself:

He has a hilarious YouTube show called “How Hungry Are You?”

Serge, AKA MaFuzzy Chef, is quite the entertainer. His YouTube show, How Hungry Are You? serves up some serious laughs–along with Serge’s culinary creations. From fish eyes to cricket tea, the show features Congolese dishes. Serge has gotten a bunch of his teammates and friends to appear on his interview show and you may be surprised by what they are exposed to.

Sounds fun doesn’t it? Sip some tea while watching these celebs spill some tea with Serge Ibaka himself. If you need yet another YouTube rabbit hole to go down, this is definitely one to binge.

He always dresses to impress

It seems like Serge does it all, from basketball all the way to fashion. Though he spends much of his time in jerseys and tracksuits, he knows how to clean up too. As he told teammate Fred Vanvleet, “I don’t dress. I do art.” Serge has appeared in Vanity Fair’s 2019 Best Dressed List, as well as being named one of the NBA’s Best Dressed by ESPN.

He’s attended various Paris Fashion Week events and has used his style and killer looks to model for up-scale fashion brands like Givenchy, Prada, and Kenzo. To top it all off, he also has a Youtube show called Avec Classe dedicated to style and fashion across the NBA.

He started the Serge Ibaka Foundation to help underprivileged children

Serge’s life wasn’t always as glamorous as it is now. Growing up in the Congo, Serge is the youngest of 18 children and grew up in the war-torn country before moving to Spain at 17. His humble beginning was what encouraged him to use basketball as an escape and later inspired him to start The Serge Ibaka Foundation.

Though the odds of him growing up to play in the NBA were slim, Serge didn’t give up and used that same perseverance to push himself to achieve his goals. The Serge Ibaka Foundation aims to help children in need and inspire them to believe in the potential they hold.

Don’t forget to snag your tickets to Real Talks with Serge Ibaka on Jan. 11 here.

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