IGNITE gives you the things you need so you can do the things you want.

Being a college or university student is awesome.

You finally get to build the future you’ve always wanted; plus you have the freedom to do the things your younger self wished they could – like stay up late watching Netflix, eat cereal for dinner and start to embrace your authentic self.

However, being a post-secondary student does have one major downside: you have to do…*gulps*…adult things.

Spongebob Squarepants is scared.

For most students, the student experience requires doing necessary chores like preparing meals, cleaning your space, and paying for essentials. Those can take up tons of time and energy – and, on top of that, some programs require extra supplies that aren’t included with your tuition fees. It’s like, “Sheesh! When do I get a break?!”

IGNITE knows the awesomeness of student life can sometimes be overshadowed by its expenses. That’s why we created the Learning Essentials Support program! Basically, we want to take the tough stuff off your plate so you have more time to focus on other things.

What other things, you ask? Great question – here are 14 things you can do instead of worrying about school supplies:

1. Perfect a handstand

Because everyone needs a good party trick.

2. Determine which Disney sidekick would make the best friend

Olaf would bring the laughs – but Baymax‘s love and loyalty are unmatched. Decisions, decisions.

Olaf from "Frozen".

3. Turn your hobby into a side hustle

You’ve been thinking about it forever – now’s the time to make it happen.

4. Draft the ultimate fantasy basketball league

Not just a team – an entire league. I’m just saying, Serge Ibaka and Derrick Rose would make great teammates.

5. Try to decipher literally anything Taylor Swift does on the internet

I know she’s left clues about which album she’s re-releasing next. We just have to keep looking.

Charlie from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" with red string.

6. Choreograph a TikTok dance

One, two, hip, hip, five, six, CitiRokk, pose.

7. Meet your favourite celeb

And get their advice on success and sexuality at IGNITE’s Pride Real Talks.

8. Taste all 31 original flavours at Baskin Robbins

Team Rocky Road for life.

9. Memorize all the lyrics to J. Cole’s new album

If you haven’t already, that is.

10. Or Olivia Rodrigo’s

Heck, why not both?

11. Snap some stylish shots

All you need for an at-home photoshoot is your phone and your fav outfit. Instagram won’t know what hit it.

12. Learn how to read your birth chart

I have a sixth house Jupiter in Gemini stellium aspect planetary synastry transit. So, I look best in green, obviously.

13. Finally write that Twilight fan fiction you’ve been sitting on since ’08

E.L. James did it – and look what it got her!

14. Refine special skills relevant to your career

Oh, hey, look, IGNITE can help with that too.


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IGNITE believes, when your needs are taken care of, you have time to focus on what matters to you. So, we’ve re-launched our Learning Essentials Support (LES) program to help pay for your school supplies!

Created in partnership with Humber Advancement and Alumni, LES is designed to cover the cost of required equipment that isn’t included with your tuition fees. Successful applicants will receive up to $500 per academic year to pay for essential equipment like uniforms, tool kits and specialized training.

A person with a hammer.

Sound good? You’re in luck! Applications for the Summer 2021 LES bursary are available as of Tuesday, May 25. Please note, to apply, you must:

You can apply for LES through your MyHumber account. For detailed application instructions and for more information about LES, please review IGNITE’s Learning Essentials Support FAQ.

Let us take care of the essentials. Direct your precious energy towards learning, leisure and luxury.

With your learning essentials handled, spend some time enjoying your favourite summer traditions.

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