Why does it always happen, like, right in the middle of something important?

Is it just us, or does your period always sneak up on you?

Like, you know it happens roughly every four weeks. But, still, every month it’s a surprise. You feel sore and nauseous for a few days and you’re like, “What could possibly be going on?”

And then you get your period and you’re like, “Ohhhhhhhh — no wonder I’ve been feeling sick.”

If you’re lucky, that realization happens at home. But, for students, it all-too-often goes down smack dab in the middle of class, your commute or an all-important study session. And, when that happens, there are a couple common thoughts that might run through your head as you scramble to the washroom.

A student runs to the washroom.

If you menstruate, you can relate — here are 10 things you think when you get your period at school:

1. “Why are my pants fitting so tight today?

“I knew I should have gone with an elastic waistband — being this uncomfortable during a lecture should be illegal. And, hey, on that note, why are all the clothes considered “professional” so restrictive anyways?

Sweatpants at career fairs 2022; let’s make it happen.”

2. “My stomach hurts.”

“Was it that sandwich I had for lunch?”

"I don't feel so good."

3. “I think I need to pee.”

“That’s what I get for trying to stay hydrated, I guess.”

4. “Oh, wait, no I don’t.”

“The bloating, the nausea, feeling like my bladder’s full — it all makes sense.”

5. “$#*%!”

(Actual thought redacted.)

Redacted expletives.

6. “Did I bring any products with me?”

“Somehow I remembered a backup phone charger for my backup phone charger, but not menstrual products. Great.”

7. “OK, gotta think on my toes here.”

“Do I have cash to go buy something? Nope dang — spent it all on that sandwich. Plus, I don’t even know what stores near campus sell what I need. And would I even have time to get there before my next class starts?”

Zach Galifianakis doing math.

8. “What’s worse:”

“…drawing attention to myself by asking a classmate next to me if they have any menstrual products with them or crafting a makeshift pad out of toilet paper to buy myself time?”

9. “I’m totally gonna forget everything my instructor just said in this lesson.”

Are there academic exemptions for “scrambling to figure out how to manage menstruation”?

10. “You know what, screw it.”

“I gotta slip out of class and figure out a plan.”

Homer Simpson disappears into shrubs.

If this string of thoughts sounds familiar to you, IGNITE has just the solution: our free emergency menstrual kits!

We believe you should never be stuck without a solution when your period comes as a surprise. After all, around half of the world’s population menstruates — it’s nothing to be ashamed about.

You can pick up a complimentary menstrual kit on all three Humber College and UofGH campuses:

  • North campus: IGNITE office (KX202)
  • Lakeshore campus: IGNITE student centre (K building, main floor)
  • UofGH campus: UofGH Student Life (GH108)
A store with a sign that says, "Everything is free for you."

Thoughts about what menstrual product is best for you? We’ve got you covered in that department, too. At noon on Thursday, Oct. 21, in partnership with Aisle, we’re hosting the workshop Sustainability. Period. A workshop designed to help you find your perfect sustainable period product. Our expert hosts will give you tips to choose the best protection for your lifestyle and expose you to new sustainable options like menstrual cups, reusable pads and period underwear. Plus, just by attending this event, you will receive a $50 voucher to use on any Aisle product you choose.

You can register and secure your free ticket for this workshop here!

The only thoughts you’ll have next time you get your period at school are, “This is no big deal,” and “Thanks, IGNITE.”

Everything you think you know about your period is wrong. Here are six menstruation myths, debunked.

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