Flexible Health & Dental Insurance Plan

Your physical health is important. As long as you’ve paid the Student Insurance Fee, IGNITE’s flexible health and dental insurance has you covered, no matter what your needs are. Click the link below to choose the plan that’s right for you. Until then, you’re automatically enrolled in the Balanced Plan. If only attending one semester, coverage is for that semester only.

To choose your plan, file a claim, and contact live chat support, visit: wespeakstudent.com.

Group Number: 514561
Certificate Number (HUMBER): Z0 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (the last 8 digits of your student number)
Example: If your student ID is n12345678, your certificate number is Z012345678.
Certificate Number (GUELPH-HUMBER): Z00 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (the last 7 digits of your student number)
Example: If your student ID is 1234567, your certificate number is Z001234567.


Sleep Lounge

Up all night studying (or partying, let’s be honest) and need a nap before your three-hour lecture? We’ve got just the spot for you. Visit the IGNITE Sleep Lounge and get energized for the rest of your busy day. No appointments needed – just bring your student ID.

Sleep Lounge Locations:

  • North: KX208, Fireplace Room.
  • Lakeshore: KB106, sign up in Games Room(K Basement)

Hours of Operation:

9am-4pm, Monday to Friday

The IGNITE Sleep Lounge is closed for the summer semester, and will re-open in Fall 2018.


Student Lifeline

IGNITE is re-allocating student funding from Student Lifeline to bursaries. This year’s bursaries will increase from $500 to $750 per student. That’s an increase to $412,500 for bursaries from $275,000 last year!

LifeLine was removed to align IGNITE’s services better with the free and reputable resources provided by Humber and Guelph-Humber. Most importantly this helps us put student money right back into the hands of students.

Recommended alternative resources to LifeLine:

For student counselling:

For legal advice:

For financial assistance: