What would you do with $5000?
by Neetika Chohan | September 18, 2016

With all the buzz surrounding IGNITE’s student survey, which gives participants a chance to WIN $5000, we thought it would fun to see how Humber and Guelph-Humber students might spend this money if they won! Whether they choose to pay off debt or simply blow it on a whirlwind trip, we wanted to know!

“What would you do if you won $5000?”

Brian, 1st Year, Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting, Lakeshore Campus

“Invest in precious metals, and the stock exchange.”

Kids looking at colorful gemstones in the Goonies movie.

Abdi, 1st Year, Animation 3-D, North Campus

“I would use it for drawing equipment for animation.”

Humber College Student, Abdi Mohammed, sitting on stage in student center.

Sarah, 2nd Year, Interior Decorating, North Campus

“I would go on a trip to Greece.”

Greece seaside landscape with white houses in foreground

Gage, 1st Year, Media Studies, North Campus

“I would also go on a trip with my sister to Greece. Or maybe I would go to Japan. That would be cool.”

Timelapse of lots of people walking through Lantern festival in Japan

Kwnica, 2nd Year, Leisure and Recreation Services, North Campus

“Let’s see, there is a lot of stuff I could do with $5000. I can go on vacation, try to pay off tuition, I guess.”

The actor, Eddie Murphy relaxing on a beach wearing a knit sweater and sipping champagne

Jacob, 4th Year, Bachelor of Commerce, Finance, Lakeshore Campus

“Explore the world, and the empty quarter of Saudi Arabia.”

A globe spinning quickly

Rushane, 1st Year, Media Foundations, North Campus

“I would help my family back in Jamaica. Bring them back up to Canada, so they can live a happy life.”

Humber College Student, Rushane Porter wearing Nike tshirt and sitting on a couch

Alaina, 4th Year, Bachelor of Commerce, Finance, Lakeshore Campus

“I would put the money towards buying my first property.”

Wildflowers in the yard with an out-of-focus house in the background

What would you do with the cash? Make your dream a reality, by filling out the IGNITE student survey, for your chance to WIN $5000! Contest closes September 30th, so don’t miss out!