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What would YOU do with $5,000
by Miriam Mohamadi | September 19, 2017

$5,000 in the bank sounds pretty good…

As students, many of us are under immense financial pressure. Between mounting student debt, living costs, and transportation expenses, it’s no wonder that students are stressed about their finances. At IGNITE, we get that money issues can pile up, which is why we offer financial services such as bursaries and a tax clinic to help ease your financial stress.

In need of a bit of extra cash? Let’s face it who isn’t. Why not try your luck by taking IGNITE’s survey for the chance to win $5,000. Yes you read that right, for a couple of minutes of your time you can win $5,000! Who wouldn’t love an extra $5,000 in their bank account?

Personally, if I was given $5,000 I would put it towards a European getaway for summer 2018.We wanted to know what other students would do with $5,000. Here’s what they had to say:

Sean- Business Management, North Campus

“I would spend it on my car.”

Fadumo Ali- Business Management, North Campus

“I would use it to travel and buy a couple of things that I need.”

Libby- Restaurant Operations Management, North Campus

“It would go towards paying off school and traveling.”

Guy putting on fur coat

Kayanat- Early Childhood Education, North Campus

” School supplies, textbooks, maybe a shopping spree.”

Serina- Media Studies, Guelph-Humber:

“I would use it for a shopping a spree.”

Deepak- Computer Engineering Technology, Guelph-Humber:

“Buy a new car or go on vacation.”

Emily- Cosmetic Management, North Campus:

“A Sephora shopping spree!”

Blair Woldorf walking with many shopping bags

Alex- Business Administration, Guelph-Humber:

“For rent and tuition.”

Gurpreet- Electrical Engineering, Guelph-Humber

“Save up for a car.”

Travis- Kinesiology, Guelph-Humber:

“To move out and rent a place.”

Nick- Radio Broadcast, North Campus:

“Pay tuition or buy a car.”

Girl with money falling on her as she spins in chair

Kristal- Practical Nursing, North Campus:


Fernanda- Spa Management, North Campus:

“I would pay part of my tuition.”

Jake- Business Administration, Guelph-Humber:

“I would put it into my savings.”


So, what would YOU do with $5000? Whatever it is, you could potentially make this dream into reality by taking part in the survey before September 30th.

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