Top 10 podcasts for students
by Benjamin Eppel | August 21, 2017

“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen. Also, podcasts are awesome.” ― Ernest Hemingway

School is just around the corner, and that means one thing: commuting. While there’s lots of ways to fill the time that you spend on a bus or in the car, one of the most useful and interesting is listening to podcasts. Not only do they keep you busy during the long ride, but podcasts also make you smarter and help you help you learn something new and broaden your horizons, which is great if you’re a student.

Here’s our list of the top 10 podcasts that you should check out:

Death, Sex & Money

Two giant multicoloured quotation marks with the title of the podcast above them.
Anna Sale hosts this great, well-rounded podcast. Death, Sex & Money deals with topics of all sorts, from politics to existential beliefs. You’ll find that you have something to relate to on many episodes, since their subject matter includes Uber drivers, student loans, and relationships.

Available on:, iTunes, Spotify

College Info Geek

A man wearing sunglasses looking to the left where the title of the podcast is
Thomas Frank has a healthy following on YouTube for a good reason. He gives inspiring, relevant advice to students; including money management, changing programs, and starting a new semester.

Available on:, iTunes

Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe

The title of the podcast sits amidst outer space with the tagline 'your escape to reality'
The post-secondary life is all about questioning the world around you. This podcast of skeptical commentary on society, current news, religion and everything set in tradition has been around for 12 years. You might not agree with their opinions, but that’s the whole point.

Available on:, iTunes

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

the title of the podcast in large, white font with an orange background
Need a boost of confidence? Maybe you want to improve your life in small ways? This podcast is perfect for you! The topics include healthy mindsets and healthy eating, and their strategies are backed by research.

Available on:, iTunes, Awesound


unclear typewriting is blacked out in permanent marker in several places, with the podcast title in front
Many people learn more from fiction than non-fiction. “Homecoming” is a thriller about a secret government organization, and a woman who’s caught in the middle of the conspiracy. Starring experienced actors such as David Schwimmer, David Cross, and Amy Sedaris, this gripping podcast will keep you on the edge of your bus seat.

Available on:, iTunes

Bulletproof Radio

the host's face is seen in a circular frame in the center just above the title of the podcast. There is an outline of a yoga sitting pose in the top right of the frame
The advice on this podcast is sourced from biochemists, Olympians and the like. In other words, people who know what they’re talking about when it comes to the human body. Bulletproof Radio focuses on the small changes that you can make to improve your overall health.

Available on:, iTunes, Soundcloud


a black swath of paint covers the frame except for where the podcast title rests, in the center
This podcast is an example of investigative journalism at its best. The show focuses on bringing unseen problems to light, and is great as an alternative source to mainstream media. There’s an extensive amount of research that goes into each story before you hear the finished product.

Available on:, iTunes, Soundcloud

99% invisible

the title of the podcast sits in the bottom left of the frame, with a small yellow square near the top left of the frame
This podcast is fascinating. It focuses on the design of unnoticed everyday things in our world and how they work, from palm reading to the psychology of uniforms. Be prepared to learn things that you never knew you wanted to know.

Available on:, iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud


The title of the podcast sits in the center of the frame in yellow writing, and the background is red
Students have spent thousands of hours reading and listening to Cracked. Their topic choices are always engaging and interesting, and range from explaining the rise of movie genres to talking about what life would be like without the internet.

Available on:, iTunes, Soundcloud

2 Dope Queens

the upper halves of two young cartoon women stand holding microphones and looking over their shoulders. Their jackets say '2DQ'
If you love to laugh, you’ll love this! Phoebe and Jess invite comedians onto the show each week for discussions about race, hair, and life in general. Special guests have included Maria Bamford and Carrie Brownstein, and their comedy has earned them an HBO special.

Available on:, iTunes, Spotify

Ever wanted to start your own podcast, but couldn’t afford the equipment? Check out how you can enter to win $5000! (Contest opens August 23.) If you want to see a pro podcaster at work, check out our student profile on Warren Gordon.

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