The ten people you’ll meet in college
by Jessica Mifsud | August 1, 2016

No matter how long you’ve been going to Humber College or the University of Guelph-Humber, which program you’re in, or what campus you attend, it seems like you can always find the same kinds of students in your classes.

And while maybe you’d like to think you don’t have a lot in common with them, there’s no getting around the fact that you spend a significant amount of time with these freaks. So you might as well learn to love them:

1. Mr. Congeniality

You’re not quite sure how he does it, but somehow he manages to be friends with everyone. He gives high fives out like they’re free samples at Costco, couldn’t frown even if he tried, and always asks you how your day’s going. He’s basically perfect, and you’d love to hate him, but he’s just too damn nice.

Rob Lowe smiling and pointing at woman in Parks and Recreation

2. The Person Who Always Has An Answer

No question is too big. No question is too small. This person’s answering them all.

Hermione Granger raises her hand at Hogwarts next to a quiet Harry Potter

3. The Awkward One

Sometimes their jokes land, most times they don’t. They pull the doors that say PUSH, the teacher calls on them when they were just stretching, and they often trip on their backpack when getting up from chairs. Their life is awkward.

Abed from Community TV show points and shoots with his finger at the screen

4. The One Who Loves To Drink

Drinking in college is not unheard of, but this person really likes to drink. No judgement though, because they’ve become the designated pub-night organizer. Usually very charismatic, they want to make sure everyone is having a good time. Never mind what you’re learning in class, they’re the one that makes life outside of school fun.

Beyonce and girlfriends with red cups in her 7/11 music video

5. The Slacker

Do you have a stapler, a marker, and scissors? This wild creature can be found at the lunch table with bloodshot eyes and their hair askew, frantically putting assignments together twenty minutes before class starts. And while you’d love to think you’re a better student than them, the sad truth is that you guys are probably going to get the same grade.

Nick from New Girl TV show pumps fist in the air

6. The One Who’s Seen Every Movie

It’s not that they’ve seen a lot of movies. They’ve seen all the movies. Don’t try to compete either; this’ll only validate them further. This person is as serious about film as Ron Swanson is about breakfast food.

Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation TV show hangs a poster of a breakfast plate on wall

7. The Mysterious One

This person calls the back of class home and barely ever says a word. Who are they? Where are they from? Why are they here?

Dark mysterious cloaked man zooms out

8. The Social Butterfly

This person flutters around class during break effortlessly starting a conversation with everyone in sight. No one escapes their attention, not even the mysterious guy at the back of class who wears a jean jacket and finger gloves like he’s straight out of The Breakfast Club.

Taylor Swift and Bad Blood squad at VMAs

9. The Sports Guy

You’ll always know when there was a game last night because he’ll be talking about it in detail the morning after. You may not understand everything he’s saying, but you can definitely appreciate his enthusiasm.

Young hockey fan takes off his jersey in stadium

10. The Mom

I say the Mom but this can apply to males too. No matter how old they are, they’re the one trying to take care of everyone. This person is probably the best friend you could make in class though they’ll always save you a seat, send you their notes when you skip class, and be the first to offer a hug when life starts to feel like a little too much.

Shirley hugs classmates in Community TV show