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The 6 people you follow on Snapchat
by Jamie Brackpool | September 16, 2016

Snapchat, the tool used by Millennials all over the world to send funny selfies to their best friends and concert videos to people who couldn’t get tickets. The app has over 200 million users as of 2016 and has revolutionized how social media users communicate. A Snapchat profile can say a lot about its owner…

Here are the 6 people you probably follow on Snapchat:

1) The Fitness Guru

We all know someone who lives at the gym and allows us to live their experience vicariously through Snapchat. As you sit at home with your salted caramel Häagen-Dazs ice cream, watching Netflix reruns of Friends, they are kind enough to share their toned beach bod with you. Like, come on Jillian Michaels, what makes you think I want to feel bad about my body image this soon after watching beach volleyball at the Summer Olympics?

Terry Crews dances while lifting dumb-bells, as someone watches in awe

2) The World Traveler

While you are sitting in class listening to your professor’s lecture on global economics, this person is posting snaps from their trip in Florence, Italy. Last week it was Sydney, Australia and who knows which city they will be in next week. When they said they were taking the year off school to find themselves this isn’t what you expected. You spend your days wishing they would take you on their adventure.
Man films himself in different countries using a selfie stick while rotating

3) The Chef

These people post pictures of all the food they make. Their latest creation of ‘Pop Tart à la Mode’ will appear on their story, while you pull a ramen noodle packet out of the cupboard. These Michelin star chefs are capable of making Kraft Dinner and Ketchup seem mouthwatering through their knowledge of Snapchat filters. We all wish we could make our food look that good, but instead we stand watching their story in awe in our kitchen while accidentally pouring OJ in our cereal.

Homer Simpson accidentally setting corn flakes on fire by adding milk

4) The Pet Poster

Everyone loves puppy pictures, but this person loves their adorable pet more than you thought was possible. This is the tenth photo of Fluffy today!

Cute dog chews a bone and sticks his tongue through a hole in it

5) The Selfie/Filter Master

While others are posting photos of their friends, others spice up their selfies with with dog face filters. Admit it, we’ve all tried it, but there are some people that post these selfies more than others! Others go for the original selfie #NoFilter #JustDoYou. In The end we wish our selfies turned out as good as theirs. I guess practice makes perfect!

Mr. Bean takes a selfie with an old camera and looks disappointed with it.

6) You

Ah finally, the one we started Snapchat for in the first place. Of course partially we downloaded the app so we could see what our friends and favourite celebrities are eating for breakfast, but mainly we got it so we could show the world our creative genius. Let’s be honest, we all watch our own stories at least five times while thinking, “Ah, humorous, original, captivating,” even if our friends tell us otherwise.

Football player points at himself with both thumbs

Oh, and this definitely isn’t just a cheesy gimmick to get you to check us out on Snapchat @ShareIGNITE. Again, that was @ShareIGNITE!

Ignite snapchat code, screenshot to follow
Blonde points to black cap covering her face with the words, "it's lit" on it