Campus Life
Stress Reduction Tips from Humber & Guelph-Humber Students
by Scott Hokkanen | November 14, 2016

Everyone has their own way of de-stressing and getting zen come exam season.

Personally I think a healthy mix of exercise and Netflix can help relieve stress, but everyone has their own methods and tricks. With the end of the semester approaching, we spoke to Humber & Guelph-Humber students and asked them for their best tips and tricks to de-stress.

Frustrated man throws pen and face palms into his desk

Kashyap Vyas, Architectural Technology, Humber College

“Food is a natural stress reliever, my favourite food for stress reduction would probably be Nutella on anything!”

George Blanco, Business Management, Humber College

“I think working out helps to reduce stress, I usually will do calisthenics, push-ups, and jumping rope.”

Girl motions with both hands as if her mind is blown

Jordyn Dias-Mcgown, Psychology, University of Guelph-Humber

“I’ll binge watch some netflix. Also music helps with that a lot, i’ll throw on some acoustic music, lots of covers on 8tracks.”

Matt Hodder, Journalism, Humber College

“I like to smash newbies online in video games, I get very zen when i’m doing that. Titanfall 2 and Rocket League are good for that.”

Man in white tshirt angrily reaches out to screen while screaming

Joshua Borlack, Paramedic Program, Humber College

“I’d say the best way to relieve stress is physical exercise. For me that means playing sports like hockey, working out and just taking long walks.”


Feeling a little run down? Come check out the IGNITE Wellness Day on November 23rd. IGNITE has planned a bunch of activities (including free massages) to help you take a load off!

If exam stress becomes a little more than you can handle, we’re here for you with IGNITE Student Lifeline. Talk to a qualified counsellor free of charge, discuss your situation, and get back on the right foot!