SPOTLIGHT: Humber Students Podcast Club
by Sulvey Polanco | March 18, 2019

Speak your mind.

The Humber Students Podcast Club is a student-run club that celebrates individuality and allows students to create content for all to hear. This allows students to take their ideas and creativity to another level with people who share similar interests. Not only does this give students first-hand media experience, but it also allows students to expand their knowledge and gain new skills.

Their bi-weekly podcasts cover all sorts of topics from Tinder stories to news, movie reviews, and even hit songs.

I sat down with the co-executive, Spencer Hay and one of the co-hosts, Xana Mills to chat about this hit podcast and ask all about what running a podcast entails, why it’s important and why YOU should join.

Here’s what they had to say:

Can you tell me a little about your club?

Spencer: It’s a student-focused, social production club based in Lakeshore that focuses around creating a podcast for Humber students. It’s a creative outlet for students, so we like to have members from any program come in with any skill level.


Why did you decide to start and join this club?

Spencer: I started the club because I really felt like I wanted some kind of outlet to put myself towards. After testing out a couple of clubs around Lakeshore, I really just saw an opportunity for myself to start up this club and give other students an outlet as well.


Why do you think it’s important for students to have an outlet to voice their opinions?

Spencer: I think it’s important overall, but an even better point on top of that is having an outlet for students that isn’t school or academics. We like to have a weekly structure for our students’ podcast and give students the freedom to create what they want to create. It’s a balance, you have somewhere to put your academics and school work and this club to put your interests, passions, and creativity that doesn’t really fall into academia.

Xana: It also helps you gain experience outside the classroom, which I think has been really helpful for me, meeting and having our team put together their ideas and make it something tangible. This happens in class as well, but we have more freedom to do what we want, so that’s why I think it’s important.


What kind of skills do you think you’ve gained from being a part of this team?

Spencer: We’re pretty much a production company, with that comes a lot of roles. It’s not just creating podcast episodes or hosting on-microphone. We like giving people the opportunity to work on whatever skills necessary for either their career or themselves. Whether they want to edit the audio, be a bit more behind-the-scenes and do producing, or try social media managing; we want to give them the outlet to build all of those skills.


What behind-the-scenes work goes into creating this hit podcast?

Xana: This is the structure of how the club works:

  • We get together once a week for a few hours as a team and we come up with ideas that people wanna do and bounce them off of each other.
  • Sometimes we will actually record segments with the equipment we have available.
  • We go off individually and record our own segments. For instance, we can go around campus asking students questions about the school.
  • We communicate with each other via group chat if we have any questions.
  • Once a week, separate from the meeting, Spencer and I get together to record our co-host segment.

Spencer: Running a student podcast gives us and the school a form of popularity. We’re always trying to find the right balance because we really enjoy doing it. Also, we take into consideration what Humber students really want to hear. It’s a balance of finding a good niche that we like making and we want the Humber students to get something out of it as well when they listen.


Why do you think people who are interested in a career in the media field should join and how can someone go about joining? 

Xana: If you’re interested in media, this club covers a lot of different aspects of the media such as writing, teamwork, social media, production, editing, and recording. These are all things if you’re looking for a career in the media that will give you a better grasp to understand them better.

Spencer: I think we can all agree that you can only learn so much in school before you have to get your hands dirty and start getting some experience. That’s something we want to provide as well, some real hands-on experience. That means, failing at something your first time and figuring out why it didn’t work so that you can do better. That’s how the real world works so we like to portray that it’s OK to fail sometimes.

Xana: If anyone is interested in joining, they can always send us an e-mail. Any program you’re in, any skill set. We’re always interested in having people come to meetings and at least hang out to see what it’s all about. You could also send us a dm on Instagram, we’re both pretty active on there.

If you’re looking for a fun way to meet new people and gain new skills that will help your future, then this club is definitely the one for you. By joining this cub, not only will you be able to join a club of amazing people, but you’ll also get hands-on experience in a fun environment. To top it all off, you have another thing to add to your resume and will make lasting friends in the process.

Whether you’re pursuing a career in media or simply have a passion for having your voice heard, this is a great opportunity and outlet for ALL students.

Joining a club enriches your entire post-secondary experience and the best part is that you get to collaborate in the comfort of your own campus. You shouldn’t always spend your time confined to school work and your phone, instead you can do something beneficial AND fun with your time. Since we already spend most of our time on campus, it’s a great refresher from classes to be able to do something you’re passionate about.

Use your voice, use your platform, and speak your mind!

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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