Some changes are coming to IGNITE—here’s what you need to know
by Alena Blanes | October 29, 2019

Change is a good thing.

It can be the start of a new career, a new routine, or a new relationship. For IGNITE, change means making strategic decisions that help students like you. Starting January 2020, we’re updating our policies to align with the Ontario Not-for-profit Corporations ActWhile minor, these changes will be in your best interest.


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IGNITE Exec team ready to drop the next fire single of 2019 🔥 The team has been working hard this summer getting everything ready for the school year ahead, and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store. We’re also excited to be welcoming Shay (@shayvpnorth) to the team as North campus Vice-President! Follow along with Monica (@monicaakhosla), Ryan (@ignitelakevp), Megan (@meganvpgh) and Shay on the gram to see exactly what they’re up to in the weeks leading up to the fall semester! . . . . . #ignite #igniteexecs #ignitestudentlife #humber #humberstudents #humbercollege #guelphhumber #uofgh #ghstudents #studentlife #humberlakeshore #humbernorth #humberlife #ghlife #humbernews #ghnews #backtoschool #campuslife

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Here’s what you need to know:

  1. The Board of Directors will continue to be elected based on student votes.
  2. Formerly a voted-in position, IGNITE’s four Executives will now be hired by the Board of Directors.
  3. Both the Board of Directors and executive positions will remain as student-held positions.
  4. The roles of the Board of Directors will remain largely unchanged. However, the board will now be the face of IGNITE, rather than the executives.
  5. As a student, you’re already an IGNITE Member. With the changes to our fee policy, there are now three classes of membership:
    • Full-Time Members: Full-time students who pay the Mandatory IGNITE Fees
    • Full-Time Enhanced Members: Full-time students who pay BOTH the Mandatory and Optional IGNITE Fees
    • Part-Time Members: Part-time students who pay a pro-rated Mandatory IGNITE Fee

“With the introduction of the student choice initiative by the Ontario government, we’ve had to completely revamp IGNITE’s organizational goals. Now we’re working on updating our by-laws to improve IGNITE’s management structure,” said Orangeville Director Nav Sidhu. “We’re exploring ways to encourage students to opt-in for IGNITE’s optional fees in order to improve their student experience.”

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Benefits to students

Of course, we wouldn’t be making changes that didn’t benefit you. Here are some of the ways these updates will benefit you as a member:

  • Puts the power back where it belongswith the students who are elected to the board
  • Informs the student body of the influence that the Board of Directors role has on students
  • Higher quality of executive candidates, with relevant role-specific skills to offer the organization
  • Aligns with our commitment to transparency
  • Ensures IGNITE’s executive roles are filled based on qualification, not just favourability
  • By separating governance from operations, the attention is brought back to the Board of Directors, who hold the real power in the organization

“It’s important for students to understand that their power is not and never will be silenced,” IGNITE’s Executive Director Ercole Perrone states. “These changes clarify who holds the power within IGNITE, which is the Board of Directors.”

Still confused about what this means? Think of it this way: an executive candidate can promise whatever they want while campaigning, but once elected, it is the Board who has the power to decide whether those campaign promises are financially viable, align with IGNITE’s strategic direction and are in the best interests of students.

“It can be confusing to the student body when executives run on platforms they can’t necessarily fulfill; it’s unfair to the student body and the students who run. By focusing on the Board, we’re focusing on the students who truly set the direction for the organization,” said Megan Roopnarine, IGNITE’s Vice-President for Guelph-Humber.

Different schools do things in different ways. Just like every campus has unique student needs, every campus has a unique structure in how they operate. Across Ontario and Canada, several institutions have adopted a structure that aligns with IGNITE. For example, both Sheridan and Fleming College have decided to move their President and VP positions to hired ones.

“These decisions continue our commitment to make IGNITE operate in the best interests of students,” said IGNITE President Monica Khosla. “We will be taking this semester to communicate our ideas and give students the opportunity to provide feedback and ensure that these changes truly benefit the student body.”

We’re working for YOU

Bottom line, as we migrate to the new process of hiring the executive team, it’s important to recognize that these changes are here to benefit students across Humber College and University of Guelph-Humber campuses.

Agree? Disagree? Have a comment, or a question, or a concern you’d like us to address? You should reach out to the current executive team and Board of Directors to share your thoughts! We also strongly encourage all students to attend IGNITE’s Special meeting of the Members, which will be held in January 2020. This is where the final proposed changes will be voted on by those present. If passed, these changes will go into effect immediately for the upcoming IGNITE Elections.

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