Phoebe Robinson is coming to Humber
and here are a few reasons why she is a queen
by Ally Buso | March 1, 2019


International Women’s Day is coming up in March and IGNITE has planned an AMAZING Real Talks event to get you excited about female equality and empowerment.

This month, we have invited the iconic Phoebe Robinson to speak at Humber. She comes to us with a unique intersectional perspective on race and gender issues.

It was hard to make a short list, but here are the top 4 reasons that Phoebe Robinson is a Dope Queen:

1. She met Michelle Obama

Phoebe hosted an exciting podcast called 2 Dope Queens where she and her co-host wanted to create a space to share the stories of diverse guests who would not have had the opportunity to have their stories shared by traditional media. They hosted female, POC and LGBTQ+ guests. In their farewell episode, the 2 Dope Queens hosted a very special guest: Michelle Obama. She spoke candidly about everything from hair tips to being a woman of colour in the current political climate.

2. She is an amazing actress

Ibiza movie poster

Phoebe has several acting credits to her name, outside of hosting podcasts. Most recently she appeared in the Netflix film Ibiza. She also co-starred alongside Taraji P Henderson in What Men Want. 

3. She is an accomplished writerEverything's Trash, But It's Okay book cover

Beyond acting, Phoebe is a very accomplished writer. She has written two New York Times bestselling anthologies of short essays critiquing the state of our world. Both of her books You Can’t touch my Hair (And Other Things I Still Have to Explain) and Everything’s Trash, But It’s Okay were nominated for Goodreads Choice awards for Best Humour.

Both books struck a chord with audiences and were met with highly positive reviews.

4. She is a hilarious comedian

Phoebe Robinson stand-up comedy

Trying to find a niche in the male-dominated comedy world never stopped Phoebs from realizing her dreams. Based in New York, she does stand-up comedy shows around the city where she discusses topical issues relating to being a woman and a POC.

From the stage to the screen to the studio, Phoebe has carved a name for herself in the industry as an empowered and determined woman. Watch Phoebe hit the Real Talks stage March 7th at 11:30 a.m. in the North Campus Student Centre. Grab your tickets to the free event!

There is still time to register to see Phoebe at Real Talks! For more information please visit the Real Talks event page.

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