Newly-elected IGNITE execs discuss their excitement for the 2019-2020 year
by Ally Buso | March 18, 2019

Please welcome our amazing new IGNITE exec team.

The IGNITE elections cycle has finally come to a close for the year. At the beginning of March, the press conference was held to congratulate the winners.

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2019-2020 President and VP Executive race:

The 2019-20 IGNITE executive team pose for a photo at the press conference.

(Featured from Left to right Megan Roopnarine, VP elect for Guelph-Humber, Monica Khosla, President, Ryan Stafford, VP elect for Humber Lakeshore. VP elect North Simran, not pictured)


I was able to catch up with the winners at the end of the press conference. We chatted about thoughts and feelings, post-election results and their plans as they settle into office.

Speaking with Monica, she was most excited about being re-elected. “To be re-elected means that you [the student body] trust me, you really believed in me, that you truly do support me. That means the world to me,” she said. She received a great deal of support from fellow students during her election campaign which she was very grateful for.

Chatting about her platform, Monica remains steadfast in her continued support for accessibility issues. “Accessibility doesn’t have an end date, those conversations are still happening and they should still continue to happen.” However, she is also interested in investigating more into sustainability and trying to open a dialogue around these issues. She didn’t want to give too many details before she actually assumes the role, so stayed tuned for more on Monica’s campaign for change!

I was also able to catch up with Megan, VP-elect for the University of Guelph-Humber. She was positively beaming with excitement, bouncing on the balls of her feet trying to contain her enthusiasm! She expressed to me the joy and relief of putting in the work to run and having it pay off in her favour. “I had to put a lot of faith in my myself and I am so happy that people saw that in me and had faith in me too. That means the world to me,” she said. Running in an election is also really scary, she says, because of how vulnerable it makes you feel.

Changing the subject slightly to campaign platforms and what we can expect to see from her in the VP role, she had quite a lot to say. She knew she wanted to take on a greater role with IGNITE when she first started working with the organization on the promotions team last year. She will be bringing that previous IGNITE experience with her into the VP role. Her platform focuses on the student experience for Guelph-Humber students. She wants to improve the workspaces for students on campus as, “we are a small school, but our population is very quickly increasing, even as of now it really hard to find seating on the second floor. I want to keep on advocating so that maybe one day we can even get a second Guelph-Humber building.” For Megan, student success doesn’t start and end with the school facilities either. She hopes to try and take care of students by, “having events work for students and making sure students are able to be on their feet and have some kind of security after they graduate and leave Humber.”

With the final month before the semester’s end quickly approaching, Lakeshore’s new VP Ryan had to run right after the press conference, but we were able to chat over email. Despite it being a few days since hearing the news, Ryan still vividly remembers feeling, “excited, successful, amazed but also relieved because I knew I did a pretty good job.”

Talking about platform issues, Ryan wants to focus on, “health, wellness and healthy active living.” Overall he just hopes to improve the experience of his fellow students at Humber Lakeshore.

VP of North campus, Simran, is hoping to improve students’ academic experience, access to health & wellness as well as to work towards improving students’ financial security as best as possible through improved IGNITE initiatives.

These interviews have been edited for clarity and length.

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